Virscio Announces Launch of Pathology and Tissue Pharmacodynamics Services Division

Virscio accelerates investment in advanced histology capabilities to complement in vivo translational R&D service strength

Virscio accelerates investment in advanced histology capabilities to complement in vivo translational R&D service strengths

NEW HAVEN, Conn. & CHRIST CHURCH, ST. KITTS & NEVIS, West Indies--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Virscio, a leading provider of translational research and development services, announces the launch of a new Pathology and Tissue Pharmacodynamics Division to complement existing preclinical capabilities and further enable the timely execution, impact, and success of preclinical drug development programs.

The Pathology and Tissue Pharmacodynamic division will be led by Dr. Jennifer Cann, DVM, PhD, Director of Pathology, and Richard Bouffard, Histology Director. Together they bring decades of translational and clinical histology experience, enabling comprehensive non-GLP, GLP, and GCLP histology and pathology services, including tissue processing, slide preparation, staining, immunohistochemistry, digital slide scanning, quantitative image analysis, and pathology interpretation.

The Pathology and Tissue Pharmacodynamic team of experienced histotechnologists, pathologists, and image analysis scientists work closely with Virscio’s in-life translational teams to enable seamless delivery of integrated, actionable in vivo and histomolecular ex vivo data to inform safety, efficacy, and mechanism of action determinations, and enable critical client decisions on next development steps.

“We are excited to launch our Pathology and Tissue Pharmacodynamic Division and provide clients and collaborators an expanded suite of services to support their preclinical drug development programs,” said Dr. Matthew Lawrence, Chief Executive Officer of Virscio Corporation. “The capacity to closely integrate understanding of tissue level changes with in-life findings will further enhance study outcome interpretation and definition of program path, further realizing our mission to support the most effective therapeutic development possible.”

The launch comes as Virscio continues to accelerate investment in translational research and development services, with significant expansion of nonhuman primate capacity and related capabilities in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and toxicology at both St. Kitts and Connecticut sites to support expanding industry needs. The company has also made significant investments in advanced microscopy and image analysis to enhance histopathology service quality and translational value with expanded platform application to non-primate test systems and clinical specimen analysis and interpretation.

“Our continued investment in translational research and development services underscores our commitment to providing our clients with the highest quality data and insights to advance their drug development programs,” said Lawrence. “We are dedicated to further positioning Virscio as a premier translational R&D services organization, and the launch of our Pathology and Tissue Pharmacodynamic Division is a significant step toward that goal.”

About Virscio: Virscio is a specialty translational research organization developing and providing innovative preclinical and translational research services, in vivo nonhuman primate disease modeling, and related preclinical and histopathology services to meet the preclinical, translational, and regulatory research needs of the life sciences, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. Virscio specializes in non-GLP and GLP in vivo study design, execution, and sample, data, and image analysis to enable rapid translation of preclinical therapeutic candidates from early proof of concept to IND-enabling studies, leveraging unique and significant access to nonhuman primates and integrated therapeutic domain expertise and capabilities.

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