Icagen, Inc.

4222 Emperor Boulevard
Suite 350
North Carolina
United States

Tel: 919-941-5206
Fax: 919-941-0813

Email: info@icagen.com

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About Icagen, Inc.

Icagen, Inc. is a public biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel, orally-administered, small-molecule drugs that modulate ion channel targets. Using our proprietary know-how and integrated scientific and drug development capabilities, we have identified multiple drug candidates. Our two most advanced programs are:

  • ICA-105665 for epilepsy and neuropathic pain, for which we are conducting a Phase I dose-escalation study in healthy volunteers; and
  • Senicapoc, previously referred to as ICA-17043, for asthma for which we are conducting a Phase I multiple-dose study in healthy volunteers.
    We are also conducting ongoing drug discovery programs focused on new therapeutics for pain and inflammatory disorders. In each of these programs, we have identified small-molecule compounds that have demonstrated activity on specific ion channels. When we tested these compounds in preclinical studies, they showed desired activities and profiles, validating these ion channels as potential therapeutic targets for the particular indication. In addition to our internal programs, we have established a collaboration with Pfizer Inc focused on three sodium channel targets for the treatment of pain and related disorders. We plan to generate revenue from any product candidates that we successfully develop either through direct sales, collaboration arrangements with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, or a combination of these approaches.
    For further information, see www.icagen.com.
    Last Updated: 05-19-2008
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