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About North Carolina State University (NCSU)

Founded March 7, 1887, by the North Carolina General Assembly under the provisions of the national Land-Grant Act, North Carolina State University has marked more than a century of service to the state and the nation. With over 27,000 students, NCSU is the largest institution of higher education in North Carolina. The University is organized into eleven schools and colleges with a broad range of academic offerings. Extension units carry teaching and research programs to each of North Carolina's 100 counties and the Cherokee Indian Reservation.
Under the leadership of Chancellor Marye Ann Fox, NCSU is a Research I University that is ranked #6 nationally in industry-sponsored research and #36 in total research expenditures. As a premier land-grant institution, North Carolina State University is committed to improving society by developing the human potential of students, by generating new knowledge through research and scholarship, and by extending knowledge through innovative partnerships with citizens, industry, and government.
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