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The beauty and complexity of life is near limitless, with the world around us based on the cyclicality of the seasons and marking a shift in the progression of life. When the rains come, they bring sustenance to the life all around us, from which there is renewal and replenishment. Water and the rain help reinvigorate life and strengthen us for the path forward. ‍

Rain Oncology was named to symbolize the renewal, sustenance and replenishment that reinvigorates life afforded by the rains. In the same way, we hope to provide a renewal and reinvigoration for patients debilitated by cancer. Rain Oncology hopes to leverage industry-leading insight into the mechanisms triggering cancer to find precision therapeutic strategies that may offer patients an improved chance of getting their lives back. ‍

Rain Oncology was founded in 2017 as a precision oncology company leveraging a deep scientific knowledge of drug mechanism and designing clinical trials with the most appropriate patient population most likely to benefit from treatment. Rain is focused on a few critical objectives: (1) strive to greatly enhance probabilities of therapeutic success for patients by focusing on genetic biomarkers that may predict optimal therapeutic strategies, and (2) pursue biomarker-based trial designs of limited size that enable rapid decision-making and redirecting of strategy when needed, minimizing expense and preserving capital resources.

Our team is the heart and soul of Rain Oncology. Not only is a dynamic, energetic, entrepreneurial team essential to drug development success at Rain, it’s also paramount to the type of culture where people feel rewarded every day. ‍

Rain Oncology is looking for team members that don’t want to work in a conventional corporate environment. We are looking for professionals who believe, at their core, that a small company that empowers its people can move much more quickly and effectively than large organizations with significantly more financial firepower. Rain Oncology is looking for experts who want more control in galvanizing 21st-century science for patients.

8000 Jarvis Ave Suite 204
Newark, CA 94560
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