MedPanel Announces Successful Series C Funding

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- MedPanel, a leader in online medical market intelligence today announced the closing of a Series C round of funding for an undisclosed amount. The new funds will be used to support the company’s syndicated product, Profiles(TM), as well as its recent launch into the financial industry.

“It is our intention to use this additional capital to become the leading source of directional medical market intelligence by delivering superior access to-and data from-key constituents of the medical community,” said Will Febbo, Chief Executive Officer, MedPanel, Inc.


The Profiles series examines market opportunities, key areas of product performance, and investigational agents currently in clinical trials. The studies are designed to provide in-depth analysis for organizations and companies considering the development, acquisition, or launch of a therapeutic agent for commercialization. In 2004, MedPanel launched the Profiles series in oncology, covering key patient populations in four of the most prevalent solid tumors.

Based on highly positive client reaction, MedPanel will continue its offering in oncology and will soon bolster the product with the addition of European research and data. Later this year, the company will leverage the Profiles methodology further by introducing a series focusing on diseases of the central nervous system (CNS). Profiles clients receive detailed reports of research findings and an electronic data simulator that enables scenario analysis based on varying levels of therapeutic performance.

“We designed Profiles to showcase for our clients the value of merging qualitative and quantitative research in a carefully crafted, prospective manner,” said Matt Fearer, Senior Vice President of Content Development at MedPanel and creator of the Profiles series. “What’s even more exciting is that in providing users with a data-driven simulator that allows them to anticipate or adapt to changes that may occur in their clinical development plans, we’ve managed to extend the shelf-life and utility of our research.”

Financial Group

MedPanel Financial Group’s online products and services offer professional investors in healthcare and life sciences companies a better source for medical market research through more efficient access to and better information from clinical thought leaders and practitioners. MedPanel’s access to key opinion leaders and community practitioners in any therapeutic area, combined with its superior research methodologies and expertise in structuring and conducting online interactive discussions and surveys, give investors a new clinical information edge.

About MedPanel

MedPanel is a medical market intelligence company providing custom and syndicated medical market research exclusively online. MedPanel’s powerful proprietary methodology and platform enable pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostics companies, as well as others with an interest in life sciences, to have greater strategic control over the development and commercialization of products, and lower costs overall. Through unparalleled access to clinicians, medical thought leaders and healthcare professionals, and through its interactive, asynchronous approach to medical panels and surveys, MedPanel is able to deliver fast, unbiased, cost-effective and actionable data. MedPanel is a global organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Contact: Will Febbo MedPanel, Inc. 617-661-8080 x 314


CONTACT: Will Febbo of MedPanel, Inc., +1-617-661-8080 ext. 314