Delphi Medical To Design And Manufacture Innovative Incubator For Newborns

TROY, Mich., April 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Delphi Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Delphi Corp. , signed an exclusive worldwide agreement with Norway-based PremaCare to finalize development and start production of a neonatal intensive care incubator.

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“As we continue expanding our product portfolio, this breakthrough product is a very exciting alternative to conventional incubators for a variety of reasons,” said Christophe Sevrain, managing director of Delphi Medical Systems. “From better humidity and temperature control to better ergonomics, and other state-of-the-art features, this patented incubator is full of innovative features that will be offered at a very competitive price given its design, which leverages Delphi’s technologies.”

The incubator provides more comfort to the infant through a better- controlled environment. Health care providers will find that this new product provides full visibility, and better and easier access to the patient.

“PremaCare has, in its search for a co-developer, found the ideal partner in Delphi Medical. To develop a product with so many new and revolutionary features demands an organization constantly on the forefront of new technology. It also requires creativity and the ability to transfer know-how and theoretical features into practical solutions,” said Terje Heiseldal, PremaCare’s CEO. “Delphi has all this. With its technological and human resources, we are convinced that together, we will provide the best products we could ever ask for.”

Surveyed health care providers raised concerns regarding certain characteristics of traditional incubators. Listed below are several of the improvements the PremaCare incubator will deliver:

* Temperature - A double-wall dome keeps the air flow warm at a steady temperature, keeping the baby warm even when access is needed and the doors are open.

* Air quality - An open conventional incubator exposes the patient to unfiltered air. A specially-designed filtering system ensures that air entering the incubator continues to be filtered even when the incubator doors are open.

* Noise - The incubator’s design place electrically and acoustically noisy components away from the infant to reduce noise and electromagnetic radiation.

* Ergonomics - This design raises the bar in ergonomics for incubators developing a patented five-door access system and providing 360 degrees of access to the infant and more convenient proximity overall. With components placed at the bottom, this incubator is more stable and can be set at different heights.

* Also, this new incubator design provides easy access to all components so they can be cleaned, repaired or replaced quickly and easily.

“Making newborns’ first crib more comfortable and safer is an especially satisfying venture. We look forward to finding the best channels to distribute these improved incubators around the world,” Sevrain said.

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