Traxtal Introduces PercuNav 2.0 Image Guidance Software at RSNA 2008 New Software Expands PercuNav System's Benefits for Interventional Radiology Procedures with Greater Functionality, Connectivity, and Ease of Use

Published: Nov 13, 2008

TORONTO, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Traxtal Inc, the pioneer and world leader in image guided soft tissue navigation, will showcase its PercuNav(TM) 2.0 software for the PercuNav system at the Radiological Society of North America's 94th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting. Traxtal's PercuNav system is the only computer assisted, image-guided diagnostic and interventional system cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for all imaging modalities, and is the only such system that features a broad range of flexible and rigid "tip-tracked" instruments. It is also the only commercially available soft tissue navigation system with tracked instrumentation that provides the option of navigation with multimodal image fusion with any single modality, such as CT or ultrasound imaging.

Neil Glossop, PhD, Traxtal President, said, "CT and MR images provide physicians with terrific tools for identifying areas of interest but are often impractical for navigation purposes. Ultrasound is a great live imaging modality but images can be difficult to interpret. We set out to combine all available imaging data with real time tracking of the tips of flexible instruments on one screen to allow the physician to accurately target and navigate directly to areas of interest with confidence. We are delighted with the extremely positive physician response to the PercuNav."

The PercuNav system consists of the Traxtal Tx(TM) mobile system cart, PercuNav software, and a wide range of instruments including flexible needles, biopsy devices and RFA introducers. Using minute electro-magnetic sensors embedded in the tips of these instruments, the software superimposes the precise, real-time location and orientation of the instruments on pre- operative and live images of the patient. The system also incorporates advanced techniques for compensating for patient motion and respiration. It acts like a GPS system for medical instruments, and is the only such product available that allows accurate tracking of flexible instrument tips inside a patient's anatomy.

The PercuNav system also delivers powerful solutions for diagnostic imaging. Physicians can identify and mark areas of interest on CT or MR scans which can then be overlaid with live ultrasound for diagnostic scanning. This allows areas of interest to be quickly located and compared under both imaging modalities, while compensating for patient motion and respiration. It provides interventional radiologists and sonographers with the broadest image fusion capabilities available for soft tissue navigation.

This system's capabilities are strengthened with the new, PercuNav 2.0 software.

"Developed with feedback from our clinical community, PercuNav 2.0 was designed to enhance the PercuNav system's ease-of-use, clinical utility, and connectivity with popular imaging technologies," said Dr. Glossop. "We believe that our technology can improve the accuracy of interventional procedures with less time spent in CT, enabling the reduction of CT-suite costs while delivering excellent patient care."

Traxtal is committed to providing seamless compatibility with all major vendors' imaging systems

Traxtal will begin to ship PercuNav systems with the 2.0 software in the first quarter of 2009.

Traxtal is in Booth 9539 in the North Building, Hall B of McCormick Place in Chicago for RSNA's annual meeting, which will be held from November 30 to December 5, 2008.

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Traxtal, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is the world leader and proven pioneer in the innovation, development and manufacture of computer assisted soft tissue navigation technologies. Introduced in 2007, its PercuNav system is the only image-guided diagnostic and interventional system cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for all imaging modalities, and the only such system that features a broad range of flexible and rigid instruments. Traxtal was founded in 1996 to focus exclusively on the advanced design of instrumentation for image guided interventions, and has extensive experience in image guided intervention as an OEM supplier of custom designed tools since 1997.

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