Today On Canada's Business Report...ALDA Pharmaceuticals Corporation Kills On Contact

On today's edition of Canada's Business Report, host Robert Graham profiles a Vancouver headquartered company that's in the business of killing germs. ALDA Pharmaceuticals Corporation has developed a spray disinfectant that it says is "100 times more effective than the specified requirement for hospital use, and exceeds the kill rate reported by any other surface disinfectant currently on the market." ALDA Pharma President and CEO Terry Owen says, "It kills on's the most effective disinfectant on the market." The "Viralex" spray is used in hospitals, dental offices, laboratories and ambulances. Owen says it is also sold to fire fighters and police. The spray is not available to the general public, but Owen says "the company is working on a consumer version of the product." The spray is currently distributed in Canada and the Caribbean, and Owen says they plan to expand into the United States and overseas. Owen tells Canada's Business Report, "We have some regulatory requirements that have to be met in both the U.S. and Europe, but that work is well in progress."

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