PENSACOLA, Fla., Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Regenative Labs (Regenative), a leading HCT/P manufacturer, announces a retrospective study of patients who have received Wharton's Jelly applications to the SI Joint.

Regenative has been tracking data in its comprehensive repository in which physicians across specialties submit patient data as they track patient outcomes up to 120 days after the patient receives an application of Regenative's products.

"This retrospective data repository is designed to promote a value-based, outcomes-focused practice and has inspired case studies and peer-reviewed research. Our repository is backed by an IRB ensuring compliant protocols are followed with respect to what is collected," shared Regenative Labs CEO, Tyler Barrett.

Now, Regenative is calling on physicians across the country to engage with the research community to seek better patient outcomes through collaboration on further retrospective and prospective research. While Regenative is encouraged by the progress made in the last five years advancing the field of regenerative medicine, as more uses are uncovered, the need for physician adoption and leadership has become clear.

The current standard for care of SI Joint addresses the symptoms involved, with pain medication, braces, or SI fusion. These costs can range upwards of 30k for a fusion, and current standards of pain management continue to rise in cost as treatment does not address the root cause of the pain.

The homologous use application uncovered by doctors indicates an area for an application that would be unprecedented. Barrett proposes that patients have alternative options, and through what may be revealed in these studies, be better able to address the root cause of the issue at hand.

Preliminary 90-day data on over 50 patients with SI joint defects demonstrates greater than 35% improvement in NPRS & WOMAC scores indicating improved functionality post-application.

Barrett and his team hope to enlist physicians to take part in studies regarding uncovered uses. Physicians will have their outcomes highlighted, furthering our understanding of regenerative medicine and uncovering new applications for this groundbreaking field of medicine.

"We're doing the research at Regenative, and the results are very promising. We are calling on all physicians across the country to engage with us and advance the field of regenerative medicine," Barrett concluded.

About Regenative Labs: Regenative Labs produces regenerative medicine products to address the root cause of a patient's conditions using Wharton's Jelly innovations rather than masking the pain with other treatments. Regenative Labs works closely with scientists, physicians, hospitals, and surgery centers to constantly monitor and improve patient progress and outcomes for new product development. Formed by veteran industry professionals familiar with the daily challenges of innovations in healthcare, the company provides non-addictive, non-invasive options for patients. Regenative Labs's expert product research and development team comply with FDA guidelines of minimal manipulation for homologous use. The company adheres to AATB and FDA guidelines. Learn more at Regenative's website: 


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