Protein Discovery, Inc.'s PPS Silent(TM) Surfactant For Mass Spec Sample Prep Lyses Cells, Solubilizes Proteins, Degrades In Acid

Knoxville, Tennessee, May 9, 2006—Protein Discovery, Inc., a privately held life sciences company, today announced the commercial introduction of PPS Silent™ Surfactant, an acid-cleavable detergent for cell membrane disruption and protein solubilization. PPS Silent Surfactant will be marketed to proteomics researchers analyzing low-abundance cellular proteins using mass spectrometry. The new reagent offers the same detergent properties as conventional surfactants, but when it is no longer needed, it degrades into easily removed compounds with no detergent activity. Unlike conventional detergents, which retain foaming and other detergent properties that interfere with the final stages of mass spectrometry sample preparation, PPS Silent Surfactant does not diminish spectral quality or protein detection sensitivity. Today's announcement marks Protein Discovery's entry into the market for mass spectrometry sample preparation reagents.

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