OpenMed Launches First-Ever AI COVID-19 Triage To Coordinated Testing Platform


MIAMI, April 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, OpenMed, Inc. (, announced the launch of the  "Corona Checker" App on iOS App Store and "OpenMed Checker" on Google Play - the first-ever AI symptom evaluator coupled with coordinated definitive testing through a significant network of CLIA certified labs and medical professionals to provide test sampling, for qualified users.  OpenMed is using any proceeds to offer subsidized or free testing to those that financially qualify.

As hospital volumes rise, more and more Americans are being asked to stay at home. Drive-through clinics are overwhelmed. Telemedicine wait times are multiple hours. The ability to execute test sampling away from the high volume settings is critical. The App will expand access to much-needed testing while decreasing the risk of exposure to healthcare providers and the community at large.

"Our people, process and technology will change in lock-step with every proven and vetted available testing procedure.  As further technological breakthroughs occur and new user-friendly testing mechanisms become available, we will continue to follow the guidance of the FDA, CDC and other regulatory bodies.  Where all the Coronavirus (COVID-19) checkers fall short is that they have no real endpoint.  "Call your doctor" is what most solutions in the market are providing or contact a telemedicine organization.  We offer testing, for those that qualify, per CDC guidelines.  Testing can be ordered directly in the app to be performed by following FDA guidelines, as well.", Aaron Kaufman CEO & Chairman OpenMed, Inc.

The flow is simple: AI symptom evaluation triage -> If qualified, we present the data to the patient's provider on the OpenMed Platform-> patient's provider authorizes lab test on the same platform -> If authorized, the testing kit is first overnighted to the patient -> patient's PCP or qualified medical professional collects the sample*, scheduled via OpenMed -> sample is immediately overnighted to lab -> lab runs test -> results sent to the provider (and to patient if provider authorized) via OpenMed in no more than 48 hrs from sampling. *We are exploring new options for upcoming approval by FDA & CDC where at-home collection is more achievable.  Once supported by the FDA we will release it ASAP.

The Corona Checker's algorithm updates dynamically as testing recommendations evolve and allows for testing of additional respiratory infections that are similar but more prevalent than the coronavirus.  The Respiratory Pathogen Profile (RPP) test covers 20+ respiratory pathogens and helps users understand the cause of their symptoms when they are fortunate enough to have a negative COVID-19 test. 

The Corona Checker App ensures continuity of care, by leveraging the important role of the primary care physician for symptom assessment and test orders, helping decrease the current burden on telemedicine providers. "There is no better way to enable our nation's trusted primary care physicians' involvement in the continued care for their patients than using the OpenMed platform for approval and dissemination of results. Third-party telemedicine, while very helpful right now, has multi-hour wait times, while our nation's PCPs sit in their offices with very little traffic.  We can help unclog the system.", says OpenMed's CEO & Chairman, Aaron Kaufman. The OpenMed Requisition Authorization Service is used to gain the approval of the patient's doctor for the test - the provider can review all the patient's captured symptoms from the Corona Checker app and take any further actions if necessary. 

In instances where the user has additional symptoms or concerns, we offer appointment booking directly in the AI chatbot using the OpenMed's Appointment booking API / platform, which has access to over five million medical, dental, vision, behavioral health, providers.

OpenMed's APIs were used to create this groundbreaking application. Because the Corona Checker App is leveraging the extensive efforts created in OpenMed's APIs ( the app was able to be envisioned and launched in less than 5 days. OpenMed, is offering Risk Bearing Organizations (RBOs) or large provider organizations the ability to white-label the Corona Checker framework to roll out their own program.  Interested organizations can contact

Risk-bearing entities, such as health plans and managed service organizations that would like their members/patients to get triaged and tested,  can pre-pay for their member's testing at the lowest negotiated price points so labs receive prompt payment.  Many labs are holding off on accepting insurance, as there is a massive backlog of payment from the delayed claims process.

CALLING ALL LABORATORIES: The Corona Checker expects to have tremendous volume and has many labs contracted already.  If you are a lab and wish to join this initiative please go to

About OpenMed: OpenMed is the most connected access to practice/provider platform powering health plans, health systems, provider organizations, Risk Bearing Organizations (RBOs), and labs in the United States.  From offering appointment scheduling in a provider finder to  OpenMed's connectivity & trust enables the ecosystem to scale some of the most difficult current procedural objectives with technology: appointments, requisitions, care-gaps, risk assessments, medication adherence issues, Rx reconciliation, Rx Refills, Rx Changes, etc. For more information about our platform visit OpenMed has spent an extraordinary effort over the last several years uncovering what health plans and plan types each provider accepts along with which practices have proper PPE for sampling during the COVID-19 crisis. For more information about our API visit For more information how we can help you, contact

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