DigiScript Unveils TrialTrainerPLUS at 2005 Clinical Trials Congress

Philadelphia, PA - DigiScript Inc., a global leader in distributed learning and training solutions for the life science industry, today announced the unveiling of TrialTrainerPLUSSM, an interactive training tool used by pharmaceutical companies to help standardize the clinical trial training process. DigiScript, located in Booth #308, is demonstrating the new product at the 2005 Clinical Trials Congress in Philadelphia, PA.

TrialTrainerPLUS is a flexible training solution that combines on-demand and live web conferencing solutions with targeted clinical training services. Designed specifically with the needs of study teams in mind, TrialTrainerPLUS leverages web-based technology to enhance the clinical study training associated with investigator kick-off meetings. Whether using on-demand training to distribute standard operation procedures (SOP) prior to the investigator meeting or Web conferencing for study wrap ups, TrialTrainerPLUS delivers training consistently and cost effectively.

"The biggest challenge to a successful clinical trial is consistency," said Jeff McCormack, DigiScript's Chief Knowledge Officer. "TrialTrainerPLUS was developed with that in mind. So, whether a pharmaceutical company needs to enhance protocol comprehension, bring new study sites up-to-speed or introduce new information during the course of the trial, TrialTrainerPLUS standardizes the entire process, ultimately ensuring the drug reaches the market as safely and quickly as possible."

DigiScript's team of video production experts captures the training session and then synchronizes the content with rich-media deliverables, including PowerPoint® slides, rolling transcripts and other text-based materials. Next, the live meeting content is packaged into an interactive platform accessible on-demand 24/7. This process guarantees that all team members receive an identical training experience even though they may be absorbing the information at different times. Study managers can monitor user activity and individual study sites by administering regular testing to measure progress and retention.

"TrialTrainerPLUS lets study teams learn at their own pace," said McCormack. "Not only has this helped improve consistency in protocol implementation, but it has also helped our clients save millions of dollars in training costs. Overall, the ROI with TrialTrainerPLUS has been extraordinary."

TrialTrainerPLUS also features a web conferencing service that allows pharmaceutical companies to deliver live training events in real-time. By staging, moderating and managing the entire event, DigiScript helps companies save valuable time and money otherwise spent on live training meetings. With web conferencing, participants can view the live event through streaming video. Also, study teams can interact with participants, instantly monitor retention through real-time polls and surveys, and gather feedback through post-event reporting.

"Every situation requires a different solution," said McCormick. "We are giving companies the option to create the right blend of services by providing both on-demand and live web conferencing options."

TrialTrainerPLUS is being used by 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world for a variety of training needs, including principal investigator pre-training, off-site investigator or Clinical Research Associate (CRA) training, as well as safety, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) compliance training.

The product meets SCORM, Section 508 and CFR21, Part 11 requirements. For more information on TrialTrainerPLUS, please visit HYPERLINK "www.trialtrainerplus.com"www.trialtrainerplus.com.

About DigiScript, Inc. DigiScript, Inc. is a leading provider of on-demand learning and training solutions, specializing in capturing live presentations and making them available on demand via the Internet and/or CD-ROM. DigiScript helps corporations, associations, and higher education institutions enhance and extend learning and marketing events for training, product management, continuing education, clinical trials, and any other project where sharing detailed information is vital to success. Using web-based technology, DigiScript maximizes an organization's training expertise and investment, while providing fully integrated solutions within existing Learning Management Systems. For more information, go to HYPERLINK "www.digiscript.com"www.digiscript.com

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