Creative Enzymes Provides Comprehensive Technology Information in Resource Section

Creative Enzymes, a customer-oriented enzyme manufacturer that supplies its customers enzymes used for life science research and production of medicines, food, alcohol, beer, fruit juice, fabric, etc., recently enhanced its resource section to provide more comprehensive technology information, including enzyme introduction, enzyme families, and enzyme assays.

By the offering of those materials, Creative Enzymes aims to help its customers to understand its professional experience and qualification for developing products and tailoring services. Its biochemical materials or products, including native and recombinant enzymes, zymogens, coenzymes, enzymes inhibitors, substrates and others, are mainly for research and diagnostic use.

Enzyme introduction

In this section, customers can find answers to “What are enzymes?” “How they work in biological reactions and living organisms?” “What are the applications of enzymes in biotechnology and medical research?” and other related questions.

Enzyme family

In this section customers will find a series of brief reviews about various enzyme subfamilies, based on their functional activity in enzymology or characteristics as many drugs targets like Protein Kinase A, Protein Kinase C

Enzyme assays

The common methods to be applied in enzyme assays are the subject of this section. Introduction include: Spectrophotometric Enzyme Assays, Enzyme Activity Measurement for Oxidoreductases, and Enzyme Activity Measurement for Transferases, etc.

“As a customer-oriented company, besides quality products, we are also striving to provide our customers more useful and meaningful information to help accelerate their research. We would appreciate any questions or suggestions about this resource section and provide more specific information to meet your requirements.” said Lisa, the chief marketing staff in Creative Enzymes.

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