Celtaxsys, Inc. Seeks $10 Million to Develop Immune System Drugs; Raises $4.2 Million So Far

Published: Nov 05, 2010

Atlanta Business Chronicle - by Urvaksh Karkaria -- An Atlanta-based biotech is seeking more than $10 million as it develops drugs that can control the movement of immune cells — the body’s defense system.

Celtaxsys Inc. is creating drug compounds to help fight disease by manipulating immune cell movement in the body, Chief Financial Officer William Reddick said.

By controlling the direction of immune cells — the body’s armies — Celtaxsys hopes its compounds can give disease fighting medication a better chance of getting the job done. By redirecting the defense system away, Celtaxsys hopes its drugs can reduce inflammation at the injection site, while boosting the efficiency.

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