Cedara Software Corp. Introduces Orthopaedic Planning Software For Integration Into Imaging Company Solutions

Published: May 30, 2007

TORONTO, May 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cedara Software, a Merge Healthcare company and a leading independent developer of medical software technologies for the global healthcare market, announced the introduction of a sophisticated new orthopaedic package for imaging companies. Cedara's OrthoWorks ProPlanner features several automated functions to streamline planning of common orthopaedic procedures. ProPlanner is designed for integration into existing imaging platforms, such as Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).

ProPlanner technology bridges the gap between how orthopaedic surgeries have traditionally been planned with the inevitable future of planning, which involves digital images. Corrective surgery using prosthetic implants that used to be planned with grease pencils on hard x-ray films can now be planned on-screen with advanced software tools. Combining image manipulation and automation with an architecture designed for integration and customization according to OEM specifications, OrthoWorks ProPlanner offers a comprehensive digital solution for joint arthroscopy, trauma, deformity correction and more. ProPlanner supports surgical planning, templating, archiving and distribution. Automating workflow improves templating efficiency

Built with Cedara's unique ImageSnap Technology(TM), OrthoWorks ProPlanner is packed with automation designed to minimize mouse clicks for standard planning procedures. Automated steps include:

-- Image stitching: In such procedures as total knee replacement and spine surgery, it is impossible to capture all anatomy in a single image. Automatic image stitching enables users to fuse multiple images, visualize them as one unified whole and take measurements. -- Hip planning: Common measurements for hip templating are automatically determined without requiring any user input. Once a hip implant and operative side are selected, ProPlanner automatically overlays a suggested implant size and position on the image. Users can accept, reject or revise automatic planning recommendations. -- Reporting: ProPlanner automatically populates reports with key images, measurements, templated implants and patient demographics. Users can optionally add technical notes to the report.

Orthopaedic templates

OrthoWorks ProPlanner supports digital CAD-based templates from all major implant manufacturers. With one of the largest implant libraries, dedicated 2D functionality, tools for calibration and features for trauma, joint arthroscopy and deformity, ProPlanner is the definitive solution for orthopaedic planning. For example, image and template scales are maintained when the user employs magnification or zoom tools, and optimal implant size can be planned pre-operatively using overlays on digital images.

Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic (Tallahassee, Fla.) recently tested ProPlanner with its PACS to enable surgeons to more efficiently plan surgeries through automatic templating and reporting.

"ProPlanner's automatic templating makes hip planning less time-consuming and tedious and has proven useful in helping me select the right implant," says orthopaedic surgeon Robert L. Thornberry, M.D. "Workflow and the organization of case information also are improved with the ProPlanner reporting features."

OrthoWorks ProPlanner includes a wide range of productivity tools designed to accommodate different planning methodologies while streamlining workflow. These tools include AutoPlan, which saves sets of combined templates to further streamline auto-templating, and Favorites List, which provides a shortcut for fast template access to frequently used implants. A Custom Measurements tool streamlines multi-step measurements by defining custom macros to perform complex measurements. Study List Filters quickly sort through patient studies by anatomy, date, patient name or other user-defined criteria, and Advanced Measurements & Tools provide useful parameters, such as line-angle ratios and differences, Cobb angles, parallel/perpendicular lines, midline determination and others.

OrthoWorks ProPlanner(TM) is a C4-enabled application

Through Cedara's unique C4 (Cedara Clinical Control Center) integration platform, OrthoWorks ProPlanner(TM) can be tightly integrated into existing PACS solutions. C4 is an integration framework that enables modular integration of clinical applications with minimal impact on the host (e.g. PACS) software product. A C4-enabled host and clinical application provide an integrated desktop with procedure-centric workflow.

Cedara Software is a Merge Healthcare company focused on the development of customized software solutions and development tools for the medical imaging OEM market. Cedara's solutions enable OEM companies to accelerate their time- to-market, reduce development costs and access new streams of revenue. Cedara's software is deployed in hospitals and clinics worldwide and is licensed by many of the world's leading medical device and healthcare information technology companies. Cedara's technologies and engineering services span all the major digital imaging modalities and a wide variety of clinical specialties including radiology, orthopaedics, women's health, oncology, cardiac imaging, clinical trials, imaging for the veterinarian market and more. For additional information, visit our website at http://www.cedara.com.

Merge Healthcare is a leading medical imaging software and services company. Our innovative software solutions use leading-edge imaging software technologies that accelerate market delivery for our OEM customers, while our end-user solutions improve our customers' productivity and enhance the quality of patient care they provide. For additional information, visit our website at http://www.mergehealthcare.com.

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