Bausch + Lomb Announces the U.S. Launch of Biotrue® Hydration Plus Multi-Purpose Solution


New Formula Provides More Moisture1 on Contact Lenses for Patients

Now Available at Most Major U.S. Retailers

VAUGHAN, ON, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --Bausch & Lomb Corporation (NYSE/TSX: BLCO) ("Bausch + Lomb"), a leading global eye health company dedicated to helping people see better to live better, today announced the U.S. launch of Biotrue® Hydration Plus Multi-Purpose Solution. The new contact lens solution, which is formulated with bio-inspired ingredients, provides more moisture on lenses1, excellent cleaning and a triple disinfectant system that helps deliver exceptional disinfection.

"Building on our successful Biotrue® Multi-Purpose Solution brand, we developed Biotrue® Hydration Plus to meet the needs of patients who depend on their contact lenses for the majority of the day and may experience lens dryness and discomfort. In fact, one-third of the 45 million contact lens wearers in the United States experience contact lens dryness,"2-4 said Joe Gordon, president, Global Consumer, Surgical and Vision Care, Bausch + Lomb. "This new solution provides the lenses with more moisture for 12 hours – potentially a full day of wear – which can make for a positive overall lens wearing experience."5

Inspired by the biology of the eye, Biotrue® Hydration Plus contains 25% more5 hyaluronan (HA), a moisturizer found naturally in tears to help keep more moisture on contact lenses1, and matches the pH of healthy tears. The new solution also contains a combination of ingredients informed by the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society's DEWS II report. These ingredients include potassium, an electrolyte, which is found naturally in tears and plays an important role in ocular surface homeostasis, as well as erythritol, an antioxidant, which protects HA against free radicals and also helps maintain ocular surface homeostasis. Biotrue® Hydration Plus is the only contact lens solution that includes HA, erythritol and potassium.

"The availability of Biotrue® Hydration Plus is exciting news for eye care professionals and the approximately 10 million patients in the United States who experience dryness when wearing their two week or monthly replacement contact lenses," said Mile Brujic, O.D., Premier Vision Group, Bowling Green, OH. "When patients experience discomfort from their lenses, many eye care professionals' first inclination may be to switch to another contact lens. With Biotrue® Hydration Plus, patients' lenses can now have more moisture1, allowing them to enjoy their lenses with all day comfort."5

Biotrue® Hydration Plus Multi-Purpose Solution is now available for purchase in the eye care aisle or online at most U.S. national retailers, including Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Amazon, and will have a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $7.99 (4 oz.), $12.99 (10 oz.) and $21.99 (twin pack; two 10 oz. bottles).

Biotrue® Hydration Plus Packaging and Lens Cases Can Be Recycled Through an Unique Program
Additionally, the Biotrue® Hydration Plus cardboard box and contact lens solution bottle can be recycled through standard recycling. However, small pieces of plastic, such as Biotrue® Hydration Plus contact lens solution caps and lens cases that come as part of the package, are typically too small to be recycled through standard recycling. These materials can be recycled free of charge through the company's Biotrue® Eye Care Recycling program, which is the first and only eye care recycling program in the United States.

For more information on Biotrue® Hydration Plus, the Biotrue® family of products and the Biotrue® Eye Care Recycling program, visit

About the Biotrue® Eye Care Recycling Program
The Bausch + Lomb Biotrue® Eye Care Recycling program is the first and only eye care recycling program in the United States. This program allows consumers who participate to properly recycle all brands of their eye drop single dose units, lens cases and lens solution caps*, as well as Biotrue® Hydration Boost lubricant eye drops multi-dose bottles. Once consumers collect these items, they can be mailed to TerraCycle using a pre-paid shipping label. When the waste arrives at the TerraCycle facility, it is cleaned and melted into hard plastic pellets that can be used to make new recycled products.

About Bausch + Lomb
Bausch + Lomb is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the gift of sight for millions of people around the world – from the moment of birth through every phase of life. Its comprehensive portfolio of more than 400 products includes contact lenses, lens care products, eye care products, ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter products and ophthalmic surgical devices and instruments. Founded in 1853, Bausch + Lomb has a significant global research and development, manufacturing and commercial footprint with more than 12,000 employees and a presence in nearly 100 countries. Bausch + Lomb is headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario with corporate offices in Bridgewater, New Jersey. For more information, visit and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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*Lens solution bottles can be recycled through standard recycling in accordance with local recycling guidelines.


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