AVRA Medical Robotics, Inc. (OTC: AVMR) Updates Shareholders

ORLANDO, Fla., May 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AVRA Medical Robotics Inc. (“AVRA” or “the Company”) (OTC: AVMR) today issued the following update:

Despite the difficulties presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Company continues to make progress on developing its proprietary Medical Robotic System.

As AVRA CEO Barry Cohen explains, “The latest test results of AVRA’s Imaging and Detection System software designed to Detect, Identify, Diagnose, and Deliver an autonomous robotic surgical procedure continue to reinforce our confidence in our ability to develop an autonomous Medical Robotic System which should enable surgeons to sharply increase their productivity while also improving patient outcomes in the operating room of the future.”

AVRA continues to work with Infinite Mind, LLC (“IM”) under the Joint Research Agreement signed in September 2019. As the results look increasingly promising, AVRA is now in discussions to acquire an interest in IM, which is dedicated to the development of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Computer Science Software across a wide range of surgical robotics systems, medical treatments, and a variety of commercial and industrial applications in manufacturing, transportation, logistics and training.

The senior teams of AVRA and IM bring together decades of experience in medical robotics, modeling, simulation, marine, aviation, and engineering, a combination of skills which should accelerate the achievement of AVRA‘s mission to solve the shortage of surgeons to meet the increasing demands of the world’s aging population.

Because of the sophistication and versatility of the Company’s software and artificial intelligence, the two companies have also been exploring the adaptation of AVRA’s Image Detection capability in its Medical Robotic System for use in the remote collection of various health data including imagery, wavelengths of the surface and subsurface of skin characteristics, and other health information to measure, among other things, people’s temperatures and any recent exposure to microorganisms.

The Company has already been able to leverage its prior AI efforts on Melanoma image characteristics conducted with IBM Research in Australia to make further progress in developing these exciting additional capabilities.

Note to Editors:

About AVRA Medical Robotics
AVRA Medical Robotics, Inc., (OTC: AVMR) is a medical software and artificial intelligence company building a fully autonomous medical robotic system combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and proprietary software.

It is empowering doctors and the practice of surgery through the use of software and artificial intelligence.

AVRA, with a research agreement in place with the University of Central Florida, known for its advances in robotics and guidance systems, is developing a fully autonomous surgical robotic system that “robotizes” a wide range of surgical procedures using surgical and non-surgical devices and instruments which are currently being performed by human hands.

AVRA is concentrating its research and development efforts to meet the rising expectations of patients and practitioners for the precision, efficiencies and safety offered by robotics, artificial intelligence and proprietary software when combined with proven medical devices and surgical instruments.

AVRA’s current focus is developing a treatment-independent precision guidance system, applicable to a variety of minimally and non-invasive procedures, to leverage the growing demand for practical medical robotic devices, with an initial focus on skin resurfacing aesthetic procedures.

For more information visit the company’s website at www.avramedical.com.

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