Acasti Pharma Granted Additional Composition & Use Patents In Taiwan And Australia; Safeguards Valuable Market Expansion Opportunities

Published: Apr 24, 2017

LAVAL, Québec, April 24, 2017 -- Acasti Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ:ACST – TSX-V:ACST), a biopharmaceutical innovator focused on the research, development and commercialization of CaPre® (omega-3 phospholipid) for the treatment of severe hypertriglyceridemia, today announced the granting of additional patents by the Taiwanese and Australian patent offices, further expanding the intellectual property position of CaPre.

The granted patents are valid until 2030 and relate to concentrated therapeutic krill oil-based phospholipid omega-3 compositions covering methods for treating or preventing disorders associated with cardiovascular diseases. These patents add to Acasti’s growing portfolio of issued patents in the United States, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Panama, and South Africa. Patent applications with similar claim sets are being pursued in many other jurisdictions worldwide.

"The granting of these additional patents is another value enhancing milestone, further supporting possible licensing and partnership opportunities for CaPre," said Pierre Lemieux, PhD, Acasti's chief operating officer. "We are committed to building our global patent portfolio to ensure that we have long lasting and comprehensive protection, while also safeguarding valuable market expansion opportunities."

About CaPre (omega-3 phospholipid)

Acasti’s prescription drug candidate, CaPre, is a highly purified omega-3 phospholipid concentrate derived from krill oil and is being developed to treat severe hypertriglyceridemia, a metabolic condition that contributes to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and pancreatitis. Its omega-3s, principally EPA and DHA, are either “free” or bound to phospholipids that help them to be better absorbed into the body. This allows for enhanced bioavailability and EPA and DHA blood levels compared to the “esterified” fish-oil omega-3 options such as LOVAZA.

About Acasti Pharma

Acasti Pharma is a biopharmaceutical innovator advancing a potentially best-in-class cardiovascular drug, CaPre (omega-3 phospholipid), for the treatment of hypertriglyceridemia, a chronic condition affecting an estimated one third of the U.S. population. The corporation’s strategy is to initially develop and commercialize CaPre for the three to four million patients in the U.S. with severe hypertriglyceridemia. Since its founding in 2008, Acasti Pharma has focused on addressing a critical market need for an effective, safe and well-absorbing omega-3 therapeutic that can make a positive impact on the major blood lipids associated with cardiovascular disease risk. For more information, visit

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