Tensys(R) Medical to Preview Second Generation T-Line(R) System At Upcoming American Society Of Anesthesiologists Meeting In Las Vegas

Published: Oct 20, 2004

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Tensys Medical (http://www.tensysmedical.com/) the leader in real-time blood pressure management, today announced it will be previewing its second generation T-Line system at the upcoming annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologist from October 24th thru the 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada. The second generation T-line, known as the TL-150 is substantially redesigned to a sleek ergonometric bracelet combining multiple elements from the first generation device into a single user-friendly unit.

"The TL-150 is a significant step forward in simplifying the application of the T-Line system," commented Dr. Greg Janelle M.D., Chief of the Division of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology at the University of Florida in Gainesville. "While we are enjoying success with the first generation T-line, the TL-150 has demonstrated a simplified application process, enhanced robustness to patient motion and an overall lower profile allowing the device to be used in a variety of patient positions, including tightly tucked at the patient's side," continued Dr. Janelle.

"The TL-150 is a strong testament to the diligence and creativity of our engineering team," commented Michael J. Martin CEO of Tensys Medical Inc. "Through the process of carefully listening to our customers and countless hours in the OR by our field personnel, we were able to pinpoint the specific areas in which we needed to improve the product design and implement robust solutions ... .I couldn't be more pleased with the timeliness and ultimate level of product performance of the TL-150," continued Mr. Martin.

About Tensys Medical, Inc.

Tensys Medical, Inc. is the leader in real-time, non-invasive blood pressure management. The FDA cleared the Tensys T-Line, the company's lead product, in November 2002 as a medical device providing anesthesiologists with a non-invasive, continuous real-time blood pressure management tool.

The Tensys T-Line measures a patient's blood pressure at the radial artery. It offers anesthesiologists better, more effective control over patient safety during surgery by allowing them to quickly monitor and manage blood pressure variations. The T-Line, via its continuous, real-time data, is far more effective than the traditional cuff method and has clinically equivalent accuracy to that of the arterial line (A-line). The device is based on Tensymetry, the company's proprietary and patented technology for non-invasively extracting the continuous, beat-to-beat pressure waveform from the radial artery without the use of any external calibration device. The science of Tensymetry is broadly protected and is the result of over six years of research and development. Prior to its official product launch in March 2003, the Tensys T-Line was tested in approximately 500 surgical cases nationwide.

Tensys Medical is based in San Diego, California and was founded in November 1995. For more information, please visit the company's Web site at http://www.tensysmedical.com/

Tensys Medical, Inc.

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