Midwest Institute For Medical Education Release: Program To Implement Required Pap Test Cytological Proficiency Testing Nationwide Announced

INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Women will soon begin to have added assurance that the medical professionals who read their Pap tests are qualified to do so. The "added assurance" will be provided by a nationwide proficiency test program that determines whether these individuals can find and accurately interpret the abnormal cells on microscope glass-based test slides.

The Midwest Institute for Medical Education, Inc. (MIME) is proud to announce that it is the first organization to be granted approval by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) for its nationwide cytology proficiency test. Until now, there has not been a federally approved program, on a national basis, that has satisfied the government's 1988 regulatory requirement that "the laboratory must ensure that each individual engaged in the examination of gynecologic preparations is enrolled in a proficiency testing program approved by CMS by January 1, 1995, if available in the State in which he or she is employed." Little did CMS know in the beginning that satisfying this regulatory requirement would be so challenging.

The individuals who will be tested include cytotechnologists and pathologists. Cytotechnologists perform the initial microscopic examination to identify the presence of abnormal cells. Upon locating an abnormal cell, cytotechnologists mark the location on the slide so pathologists can subsequently relocate the cells, interpret the cellular changes, and report their findings to the woman's clinician for treatment as needed.

If no abnormal cells are found, the Pap tests are usually not examined again. If abnormal cells are present but not found, undesirable medical outcomes may result. Before one can find abnormal cells, one must be able to recognize them. Proficiency testing attempts to assure that cytotechnologists and pathologists are qualified and to help provide the peace of mind women seek in their Pap test results.

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