Linnaeus And HealthCare Information Management Form Strategic Partnership To Increase Managed Care Organizations' Auto-adjudication Rates

ATLANTA, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Linnaeus, Inc., a leading provider of health care information software and services for payors, has formed a strategic partnership with HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM), to provide an integrated solution for claims processing/management software and services. The partnership will integrate HCIM's SymKey(R) and ScanClaims(TM) product suites with Linnaeus' THESYS(R) claims processing solution, enabling Linnaeus' clients to import scanned claims with specific business rules for more efficient adjudication. Additionally, the partnership will expand West Coast support of THESYS(R), as HCIM, based in Auburn, California, will become a Linnaeus certified support center.

"We are extremely pleased to be able to offer our clients a solid claims solution and the managed care expertise of the HCIM team. This partnership will provide our clients with an easy-to-use, cost-effective means for claims processing and management," stated President and CEO, Jeannie Bursey.

THESYS(R) is a fully integrated, claims processing solution that facilitates claims auto-adjudication, HIPAA EDI transactions, benefit plan administration, membership management, utilization management, provider management and financial management. THESYS(R) clients are achieving extremely high claims auto-adjudication rates-over 90%-resulting in significantly reduced operations cost and increased productivity. THESYS(R) offers high-end system features at an affordable cost, directly contributing to the clients' competitive advantages and ROI.

The HCIM products also deliver unprecedented savings and productivity. SymKey(R) delivers "automated claims processor" functionality with immediate impact on manual processes and pended claims inventories. ScanClaims(TM) is a state-of-the-art document scanning, imaging and OCR (optical character recognition) software product, with data scrubbing logic that minimizes claim rejections. By interfacing the software technologies, both Linnaeus and HCIM expect their clients' auto-adjudication rates to increase even more and their administrative costs to decline.

Under this agreement, HCIM's industry leading SymKey(R) and ScanClaims(TM) software is now available to all Linnaeus clients. Conversely, Linnaeus' THESYS(R) claims processing solution is now available to HCIM's clientele on a per transaction or license basis. Linnaeus clients may now choose an East Coast or West Coast based support center.

"This Strategic Partnership will enable Linnaeus and HCIM to offer our clients an integrated, leading edge claims processing and management solution. This solution will allow them to obtain affordable and immediate competitive advantages with significant cost savings. These products, consulting and support services have been acknowledged by the industry as being of superior quality while generating immediate and significant ROI benefits," stated HCIM President and CEO, Michael Wilson.

About Linnaeus, Inc. / THESYS(R)

Linnaeus, Inc., a healthcare technology company based in Atlanta, Georgia, provides payor information systems and services. The fully integrated, claims processing solution, THESYS(R), has been used productively in a variety of managed care organizations (HMOs, TPAs, PPOs, IPAs, MSOs, Specialty Health, and PACE/Senior Care Organizations) since 1994, and is proven to work extremely well in the distinctive processing environments of each type of organization. THESYS(R) clients reap the benefit of achieving extremely high claims auto-adjudication rates-over 90%-resulting in significantly reduced operations cost, increased productivity, and greater competitive advantages. For more information about THESYS(R), email or call 800-728-9595, Extension 105.

About HCIM / SymKey(R) and ScanClaims(TM)

HealthCare Information Management, Inc. provides consulting services and product-based solution sets. HCIM's consulting services include managed care and claims operations, customized client database applications, complex report development resources and solutions. HCIM's product-based solution sets include SymKey(R), ScanClaims(TM) and Appeals Manager(TM) product suites. For more information about HCIM, email or call 888-454-0202. You may also visit their website at:

Linnaeus, Inc.

CONTACT: Jeannie Bursey of Linnaeus, Inc., +1-678-957-0179, ext. 105,

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