Ion Health Assists In Community Revitalization, Opens Parade Street Health And Education Outreach Office In Erie

ERIE, Pa., Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Ion Holdings, Inc. today announced that Ion Health, Pennsylvania's newest and most dynamic managed healthcare plan, will conduct a grand opening of its new Health & Education Outreach Office, at 1029 Parade Street on Erie's Lower East Side. A formal ceremony will be held this morning, beginning at 11 a.m.; representatives of area non-profit and health organizations will be present, as well as several local elected officials.

The office will be open to members of the public, providing them with a significant range of health-related counseling services. It is also a tangible symbol of Ion Health's dedication to the areas it serves; by locating the center on Parade Street, the company is playing a positive role in helping to redevelop a key Erie neighborhood.

"Ion Health should be commended for opening its new health center, and demonstrating its commitment to the revitalization of Erie," said State Senator Jane Earll (R-Erie), who will attend this morning's ceremony. "Companies must play a significant role in ensuring the continued economic future of Erie, Erie County and the entire region. Ion Health is showing that it cares about the future of our area through its direct presence in the community, including its new Parade Street facility and its numerous outreach efforts that directly benefit people, regardless of whether they are Ion Health members," Sen. Earll added.

The Parade Street office, to be staffed by Ion Health employees, will provide area residents with health-related services and information about a number of issues, such as reducing or minimizing the effects of diabetes, asthma, obesity and more. Regularly scheduled health screenings will also be conducted at the center, providing access to services such as blood pressure readings. People do not need to be a member of Ion Health to take advantage of the center's services; the company said it is making the center available to everyone as a public service.

"Our presence as part of Ion Health's Parade Street facility will help us fulfill our mission," said Brenda Newport, Executive Director of the Women's Care Center. "The facility is centrally located, making it far easier for women in crisis pregnancy to find us, and for us to meet their material and medical needs. Ion Health has done the right thing, and that benefits everyone."

Ion Health's Parade Street Center is the latest community outreach program from the company, which began enrolling members this spring; currently, Medicaid-eligible men, women and children can enroll for Ion benefits in Erie, Blair and Cambria counties, with expansion into other counties on the way. Ion Health has already sponsored a student immunization program and a walking exercise program; additional programs are planned.

"We know that many people who need medical counseling in the communities we serve are not always able to reach a doctor's office," said Mike Nelson, Ion Health Holdings president. "By bringing the information to their neighborhood, we hope to raise people's awareness of ways they can improve their health and their lives."

More information about Ion Health's Parade Street Health & Education Outreach Office is available from the company at 1.888.ION.4YOU (1.888.466.4968).

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