Health Resources And Services Administration Release: HHS Awards $49 Million To Extend Health Care To More Low-Income, Uninsured Americans

WASHINGTON, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson today announced his intention to award 76 new health center grants totaling $49 million that will help an estimated 488,000 Americans, including many without health insurance, to obtain comprehensive primary health care services.

These grants continue President Bush's five-year plan to help communities across the country create comprehensive health centers. Launched in 2002, President Bush's initiative will add 1,200 new and expanded health center sites and increase the number of people served annually from about 10 million to 16 million by 2006. Since 2002, HHS has funded nearly 700 new or expanded health centers.

"Nearly half a million Americans, who otherwise would have gone without health care, will soon have access to health care services in their community," Secretary Thompson said. "These grants are all about bringing health care to the people who need it most, in the areas where it's needed most."

Health centers deliver preventive and primary care to patients regardless of their ability to pay. Almost 40 percent of the patients treated at health centers have no insurance coverage, and others have inadequate coverage. Charges for health care services are set according to income.

HHS' Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) manages the Consolidated Health Center Program, which funds a national network of more than 3,600 clinics comprised of community health centers, migrant health centers, health care for the homeless centers and public housing primary care centers. These centers served about 12.4 million people in 2003. Awards will be made to grantees in December contingent upon the availability of fiscal year 2005 funds.

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The list of grant recipients follows: Consolidated Health Center New Access Point Grants Organization City State Users Award Quality of Life Health Services, Gadsden Ala. 7,000 $816,667 Inc. Mobile County Health Department Mobile Ala. 4,450 900,000 Wrangell Community Services Wrangell Alaska 3,294 650,000 Yakutat Tlingit Tribe Yakutat Alaska 884 321,140 Mariposa Community Health Center Nogales Ariz. 5,016 866,422 Maricopa County Department of Phoenix Ariz. 800 148,142 Public Health Corning Area Healthcare, Inc. Corning Ark. 3,000 801,583 River Valley Primary Care Ratcliff Ark. 6,145 650,000 Services St. Francis House NWA, Inc. Springdale Ark. 11,838 648,002 Lifelong Medical Care Berkeley Calif. 1,125 506,250 Solano County Health & Social Fairfield Calif. 4,600 600,000 Services Dept. Redwood Coast Medical Services, Gualala Calif. 3,800 255,000 Inc. Karuk Tribe of California Happy Camp Calif. 5,812 649,212 Clinica Monsenor Oscar A. Romero Los Angeles Calif. 5,302 606,250 Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Los Angeles Calif. 19,745 650,000 Center Los Angeles Mission, Inc. Los Angeles Calif. 5,748 650,000 St. John's Well Child and Family Los Angeles Calif. 4,850 810,250 Center Community Health Clinic Ole Napa Calif. 26,322 650,000 Valley Community Clinic N. Calif. 11,939 650,000 Hollywood Community Health Alliance of Pasadena Calif. 10,875 650,000 Pasadena Hill Country Community Clinic, Round Calif. 4,112 517,500 Inc. Mountain Mendocino Community Health Ukiah Calif. 1,000 319,167 Clinic, Inc. Venice Family Clinic Venice Calif. 1,500 343,079 Metro Community Provider Network, Englewood Colo. 5,250 691,667 Inc. Bridgeport Community Health Bridgeport Conn. 1,000 290,000 Center, Inc. Mary's Center for Maternal and Washington D.C. 7,668 650,000 Child Health Citrus Health Network, Inc. Hialeah Fla. 2,372 373,590 The Brevard Health Alliance, Inc. Melbourne Fla. 11,518 643,144 Union Mission, Inc. Savannah Ga. 2,000 300,000 Unadilla Health Care Center, Inc. Unadilla Ga. 6,225 650,000 Idaho Migrant Council Caldwell Idaho 3,888 650,000 Council Community Hospital Council Idaho 2,922 475,000 District Family Health Services Twin Falls Idaho 3,653 733,333 Corporation Access Community Health Network Chicago Ill. 4,050 775,000 Aunt Martha's Youth Service Chicago Ill. 4,450 1,029,167 Center, Inc. Heights Christopher Rural Health Planning Christopher Ill. 6,000 772,062 Corporation Southern Illinois Healthcare East St. Ill. 4,604 691,687 Foundation Louis Community Health Centers of Lamoni Iowa 10,760 650,000 Southern Iowa Inc. Salina Health Education Salina Kan. 9,730 650,000 Foundation dba Salina Family Healthcare Center Juniper Health, Inc. Jackson Ky. 5,177 650,000 Penobscot Community Health Center Bangor Maine 23,500 649,676 Katahdin Valley Health Center Patten Maine 5,580 816,667 Chase Brexton Health Services, Baltimore Md. 4,737 967,625 Inc. HealthFirst Family Care Center, Fall River Mass. 18,191 650,000 Inc. Community Health Connections Fitchburg Mass. 7,575 816,667 Family Health Center Center for Family Health, Inc. Jackson Mich. 2,000 559,363 Nevada Health Centers, Inc. Carson City Nev. 4,752 950,000 Avis Goodwin Community Health Dover N.H. 11,094 375,000 Center Dover Community Clinic Dover N.J. 8,769 650,000 Southern Jersey Family Medical Hammonton N.J. 5,677 733,333 Center North Hudson Community Action West New N.J. 17,803 1,029,167 Corporation York Ben Archer Health Center, Inc. Hatch N.M. 3,250 816,667 Whitney M. Young, Jr. Community Albany N.Y. 3,833 816,637 Health Center Morris Heights Health Center, Bronx N.Y. 7,410 725,828 Inc. Brownsville Community Development Brooklyn N.Y. 7,893 941,667 Corp. Project Renewal Healthcare, Inc. New York N.Y. 2,139 302,167 Open Door Family Medical Center, Ossining N.Y. 1,527 251,956 Inc. Carolina Family Health Centers, Wilson N.C. 4,913 775,000 Inc. Allen County Health Partners, Lima Ohio 6,500 647,998 Inc. Stigler Health and Wellness Stigler Okla. 5,178 650,000 Center Columbia River Community Health Boardman Ore. 3,480 518,675 Services Asher Community Health Center Fossil Ore. 1,208 229,523 Ochoco Community Clinic Prineville Ore. 6,778 900,000 Community Health Center, Inc. White City Ore. 11,900 650,000 Philadelphia Health Management Philadelphia Pa. 5,140 375,000 Corporation Low Country Health Care System Fairfax S.C. 5,200 650,000 CareSouth Carolina, Inc. Hartsville S.C. 4,752 975,000 East Tennessee State Univ. Johnson Tenn. 4,500 894,167 College of Nursing City Christ Community Health Services, Memphis Tenn. 4,780 941,667 Inc. Project Vida Health Center El Paso Texas 6,406 641,954 Georgetown Community Clinic Georgetown Texas 10,000 650,000 Southern Dominion Health Systems, Victoria Va. 6,250 701,210 Inc. Lewis County Community Health Chehalis Wash. 6,000 650,000 Services Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic Toppenish Wash. 6,800 733,333 Fox Cities Community Health Menasha Wis. 6,000 650,000 Center, Inc. Cheyenne Health & Wellness Center Cheyenne Wyo. 6,282 650,000 TOTAL $49,269,261

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