California Science Center Release: Nine-Foot Tall Giant Arrives At BODY WORLDS With Five, New Real Human Body Plastinates

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- A nine-foot tall giant has just arrived at BODY WORLDS -- The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies.

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While scientists vaguely know what the Big Bang of the universe looked like, you can now view 'the anatomical big bang of the human body' at BODY WORLDS at the California Science Center. With all its muscles, bones and organs flying apart but caught still by 350 nylon strings this body, expanded to the size of a nine-foot giant, becomes virtually transparent.

Along with the giant, five more bodies arrived, presented in unique and surprising poses, never before seen in any exhibit. A Yoga lady stars in an acrobatic 'bridge pose' and a youngster is caught midair doing a handstand with his skateboard. Each pose reveals different anatomical highlights. The walking giant allows a detailed view of our organ system. A leaping dancer who balances on his brain, while his organs are exposed from the back, was the favorite of the new arrivals among body donors who attended the unveiling ceremony.

Dr. Gunther von Hagens, who unveiled the plastinates today in front of 25 American body donors and distinguished guests of the California Science Center said, "I added these new plastinates to show something fresh to those who are visiting BODY WORLDS several times. These plastinates show our marvelous anatomy in a surprising new way. This is what I call 'event anatomy.' I also brought these plastinates to thank the American public for their enthusiastic reception of the exhibition's debut in the United States."

To date, more than 300,000 guests have viewed the BODY WORLDS exhibit and the demand has been so great that the California Science Center is now scheduling to open the exhibit on Christmas and New Year's day -- two days the Science Center is normally closed. The exhibit will close on January 23, marking the only West Coast opportunity to see it before it travels on the rest of its United States tour.


BODY WORLDS: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies, a first-of-its-kind exhibit in which visitors learn about anatomy, physiology and health by viewing real human bodies, preserved through an extraordinary new method called "plastination."

BODY WORLDS, which has toured Asia and Europe to great acclaim, has drawn more than 15 million visitors. The 20,000 sq. ft. exhibit features more than 200 authentic human specimens, including entire bodies as well as individual organs and transparent body slices. This is the largest special exhibit ever mounted at the California Science Center.

Science Center President Jeffrey N. Rudolph notes that, "BODY WORLDS supports the educational mission of the Science Center. This is one of the most powerful exhibits I have ever seen. The unique use of authentic specimens teaches lessons about health, disease, physiology and anatomy that could not be possible with constructed models, photos or textbooks. Ultimately, the use of real human bodies inspires new respect for the body and its incredible complexity."

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