Pressure Point Inc. Expands Footprint Into COVID-19 Prevention/Treatment Management To Support Mask Wearing and/or Face Covering for COVID-19 with Its Wearable Respiratory Immunity Bracelet

November 11, 2020

COVID-19 News

Pressure Point Inc. has submitted its Pre-Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) interactive request to the U S Food & Drug Administration (FDA) CDRH division for approval of its Pressure Right®2 Patent-Pending, Medical Therapy Device during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

There is the potential of high reward and little risk with the wearable Pressure Right®2, Disposable, Non-Invasive, Respiratory Stimulus Release Medical Therapy Bracelet. It’s a sustainable acupressure therapy for relief of viral respiratory symptoms that can cause, fever, coughing, shortness of breath, headache, fatigue, among others. The Pressure Right 2 device has the capacity to boost the body’s immune system and circulation in the respiratory tract as a countermeasure to infections associated with COVID-19.  As to the longevity of the Pressure Right 2 therapeutic effect, it can be re-introduced safely as necessary as a preventive measure when dire COVID-19 or Flu conditions occur.

In addition, the company is seeking a major marketing/equity sponsor for the distribution of its Pressure Right 2 respiratory stimulus release medical therapy bracelet for the U.S.

Moreover, with the latest revelation by the CDC that masks may not fully protect you from the Covid-19 virus and that 85% of individuals testing positive for the pandemic virus wore masks or face coverings, according to a recent CDC study, is further evidence that additional immunity security is urgently needed now to avoid super-spreading conditions of the virus in the future.

 A scientific illustration shows the internal mechanism of the Pressure Right® 2, non-invasive, respiratory stimulus wearable therapy bracelet by Pressure Point Inc., which has the effect of reducing the progression of Covid-19 and Flu symptoms, the wearing of the bracelet is ideal for social and work gatherings. It strives to curtail viral transient antibodies, relieve respiratory immune weaknesses, as well as, lower viral loads in the body. While there is no guarantee that its use will fully protect against getting Covid-19, it can be recognized as an enhanced immunity mechanism to supplement mask or face coverings.

See accompanying Pressure Right®2 Pre-Emergency Authorization Use slide presentation for product highlights.

Wearable Immunity Therapy

The acupuncture therapy mechanism shown in the illustration sends a biomechanical immunity signal from a person’s wrist up the forearm bilaterally to the shoulder area and then disperses its stimulus effect to the sinus cavities in the head to clear out throat, nose, and ear viral infections. It then resumes a downward trajectory to strengthen the lungs by pushing out pathogens, while boosting the body resistance against respiratory viruses. Finally, the stimulus effect connects with the large intestine to engage the stomach as an exit point to expel the contents of pathogens from the body.

The ultimate result is a two-pronged effect. It causes airways in the lungs to expand and improve general circulation (e.g., pulse oxygenation) of the whole respiratory system, while also providing anti-inflammatory targeting treatment.

Here are the four recognized clinical facts surrounding the use of acupuncture points:

  1. stimulation of acupuncture points in general are known to promote effective medical treatment;
  2. the risk/benefit analysis of acupuncture points indicate that potential benefits outweigh potential risks;
  3. they are ideal as a medical specialty during unprecedented times (Covid-19) for unparalleled coverage;
  4. TCM stimulus techniques are recognized by the FDA.

Pressure Point Inc.’s foundational product concept is based on Western Epidemiology acceptance of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Science.

Facts about the Pressure Right®2 Wearable Immunity Therapy Bracelet:

It’s used to lower the chance of developing acute respiratory infections with the use of its boosting immune response technique. It requires 3-day 24/hour back-to-back product use of two pair of bracelets to ensure best results. Minimal risk information is included with each package containing one pair of bracelets. Individuals with skin allergies may want to consult with their doctor as well as individuals with serious underlying conditions before using the product.    

Meets the 4 Criteria Indicators for Emergency Use Approval:

  1. Serious population life-threatening conditions;
  2. Effectiveness of product concept;
  3. Favorable risk/benefit analysis;
  4. No similar alternatives.


During these unprecedented Covid-19 times, Pressure Point Inc.’s Immunity wearable therapy technique is designed to produce a customized respiratory stimulus effect to flush out early symptoms of virus pathogens, promote healthy respiratory circulation, as well as, to help individuals remain healthy during viral infected times.  

It works in concert with the body’s nervous system to gain access to a trigger mechanism that releases a powerful immunity stimulus directed towards restoring respiratory well-being in adults. The bracelet’s comfortable design allows it to remain on the body’s targeted stimulus location for three consecutive days of 24 hours of uninterrupted immunity security. A second round of use of a new pair Pressure Right 2 stimulus bracelets for an additional three days that may help to reduce the effects of overactive inflammatory issues.         

The powerhouse of stored body immunity energy as a booster to human organs was discovered by Chinese scientists a few centuries ago.  Over the course time by actual use, these scientists continued to determine the significant role of each connected acupuncture pathway in the body. Twelve major pathways were eventually identified to be used as a boosting immunity energy method. Each pathway is assigned to a specific organ to carry a high level of immunity stimulus to help organs overcome various medical deficiencies.

Despite the use of mask or face coverings, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a significant problem in the US as noted in the recent CDC study. The clinical relevance of the Pressure Right 2 stimulus bracelet is its targeted ability to direct its stimulus immunity process to respiratory system to prevent/treat Covid-19 symptoms as well as Flu causes.

As an adjunct to mask or face coverings, Pressure Right 2 offers a comfortable immunity life-style bracelet for mitigating potential COVID-19 symptoms.  

About Pressure Point:

Pressure Point Inc. is a commercial stage stimulus release therapy company registered with the US FDA since 2011, which continues to be a clinical provider of immunity stimulus innovations based around Eastern Medical Science and evidence. It utilizes therapeutic pathways that can offer immunity to viruses and/or medication side effects, such as nausea and vomiting, and now Covid-19 symptoms. Based on its formulated use of acupuncture points, it can create stimulus immune therapy responses in the body with its wearable bracelets to either prevent/treat serious medical conditions without adverse effects. Pressure Point has two approved predicate medical devices registered currently with the US FDA.

Pressure Right 2 is the company’s latest therapeutic patent-pending technique to help reduce the spreading of Covid-19 and Flu symptoms. In both instances, it has a broad stimulus therapy effect on respiratory infections.

Contact Information:

Joseph DiLustro, Director of Operations

Tel: (908) 601-8877




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