Physicians Reveal How Remote Scribes Improve Patient Access and Boost Healthcare Revenue ScribeEMR Hosts Best Practices Webinar: Virtual/Remote Scribes - How it Works


WOBURN, MA…March 18, 2022 – ScribeEMR, a leading provider of real-time remote medical scribe services, will host a 30-minute Webinar on Virtual/Remote Scribes – How it Works on Wednesday, March 30, 12:30 PM, EST, focusing on how leading hospitals and medical practices are improving patient access and boosting revenue by utilizing remote medical scribes. (Click here to register)


Physicians report that they need to devote as many as 10 additional hours per workweek to charting, much of which is after hours, based on an additional 5-10 minutes per chart and a 20 patient per day workload.


John Giertz, vice president of Physician Services, at Jersey Community Health (JCH) in Jerseyville, Illinois along with Dr. Cristy Elving-Dial, a JCH pediatrician, will discuss how they overcame traditional workflow backlogs by implementing remote medical scribes throughout their 35-provider physician group. They will present benchmarking strategies and ROI measurements that show increased access to patients by 26% with fewer physician workdays and other positive developments.


“Physicians benefit from working with trusted remote scribes, knowing that each visit will be documented thoroughly and accurately,” says Terry Ciesla, senior vice President, ScribeEMR. “And Dr. Elving-Dial will discuss how, beyond the positive business metrics, remote scribes actually help enhance a medical appointment from a patient’s point of view.”


Ciesla and Steven Sica, vice president with ScribeEMR, will present how remote medical scribes can address staffing shortfalls, streamline workflow, speed up reimbursements and reduce burnout.


A study in the Annals of Family Medicine found that using scribe services led to significant improvements in overall physician satisfaction, chart quality and accuracy, and charting efficiency without detracting from patient satisfaction. Ultimately, the researchers found utilizing scribes to be a promising strategy to improve health care efficiency and reduce physician burnout.


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