Pangaea Data Joins AstraZeneca Japan’s Healthcare Innovation Network

As a member of the initiative, Pangaea will apply its novel unsupervised natural language processing, natural language generation and automatic machine learning frameworks to address important issues in healthcare in a privacy preserving manner.


SAN FRANCISCO - April 19, 2022 - Pangaea Data today announced that it is now a member of Innovation Infusion Japan (i2.JP) an open initiative by AstraZeneca Japan that aims to connect healthcare professionals, local governments, academia, and private companies.


The i2.JP initiative draws members from all over the world to jointly work on collective and practical solutions for important issues in healthcare. Participants in the initiative focus on creating solutions and services for patients and healthcare professionals that focus on diagnosis, devices, digital, drugs, and experience design.


“We are pleased that Pangaea has joined the i2.JP network,” Liu Lei, Innovation Partnerships & i2.JP Director, said in a statement. “Their expertise in extracting insights from unstructured clinical text is an invaluable asset to our efforts to jointly work out optimal solutions for important challenges in the healthcare field. We look forward to working with them and our other partners.”


Pangaea has developed a software product called Pangaea’s Intelligence Extraction and Summarisation (PIES) that uses unsupervised artificial intelligence methods relating to natural language processing and natural language generation to extract and summarize actionable insights from unstructured text, such as doctors’ notes, in a privacy preserving manner. Pangaea’s solution uses this data to help clinicians characterize difficult to diagnose conditions and has clinically proven to find 6 times more undiagnosed or miscoded patients.


“We launched Pangaea to help members of the global biopharma and healthcare industry make use of the large quantities of unstructured text. The i2.JP initiative is an important step towards creating new technologies that will drastically improve and optimize healthcare for patients in Japan and the world”, Vibhor Gupta, Pangaea’s CEO, said in a statement. “Pangaea is proud to be a part of these efforts and to apply our leading AI technology to some of the toughest challenges in healthcare today.”


Pangaea has several high impact peer reviewed publications that demonstrate that combining intelligence from unstructured text with structured information such as diagnostic test results has helped clinicians improve patient outcomes by diagnosing at-risk cases earlier (97% accuracy), or by identifying 6 times more undiagnosed and miscoded patients (90% accuracy). Pangaea’s product has been used to characterize conditions such as cachexia in cancer patients, rare autoimmune diseases, and cardiovascular and neurological diseases.


About Pangaea


Pangaea Data is headquartered in London with offices in San Francisco and Hong Kong. Pangaea provides an AI driven software product, which has proven to find 6x more suitable patients including those who are undiagnosed and to automatically generate clinical narratives for regulatory reports thereby saving 90% in time. This is achieved through Pangaea's novel unsupervised Natural Language Processing and first of its kind Natural Language Generation methods which respectively extract and summarize intelligence from textual and multi-modal health data at scale and in a federated privacy preserving manner. Pangaea's product has demonstrated 85 - 90% accuracy through high impact peer reviewed publications, which is significantly higher than generic language models like GPT-3, supervised NLP, and relational extraction approaches. Pangaea's product has successfully scaled in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and has been presented by leading clinicians and scientists at global conferences.


Pangaea’s founders have secured more than $200 million in research funding through their work. Pangaea has received investments from several life science VC funds including the former CIO of Novartis, a GSK Board Member, and Managing Partner of Novo Holdings. Pangaea was recently named a leading digital health innovator by the UK government.


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