Data Driven Insights into the Microbiome Landscape

The microbiome is a rapidly growing market. Understanding the detailed roles and functions of the microbiome is important as it is linked to a multitude of critical areas from human health to environmental sustainability.

Recent report on “Analytics of the Microbiome” by Arogyam covers all aspects of the microbiome landscape.

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This report is a rigorous assessment of the industry trends segmented in a detailed manner across publications, grants, clinical trials, and startup funding activities. It showcases the most innovative emerging companies and researchers with activities in the area. The analyses created is based on real world evidence that will drive actionable business insights. Over 40,000 scientific publications, over 3,000 grants, and hundreds of trials and funding activities have been analyzed.

Keywords commonly associated with the microbiome linked to natural language processing were used to extract information from marquee databases associated with publications, academic grants, clinical trials, and startup funding activities. These databases span many sources, have a wide geographic coverage and use precise search algorithms. The resulting data has been curated, quality controlled for accurate representation and provided in a dynamic tableau format.

Publications are a testament to the interest and amount of research activity in the field and are therefore an indicator of market demand

Publication of scientific papers focused on microbiome research has been surging. A Chinese funding agency is the leading body that has been supporting a lot of published research, notable given the current climate with China.

Grants are a close representation of the market opportunity in the academic community

Microbiome research grants continue to increase. Infectious disease and cancer researchers are the top award recipients. The US and EU have the most funding.

Investigation of clinical trials is a crucial framework to recognize the influence and impact of the microbiome on human health and diseases

COVID-19 has not dented the number of ongoing clinical trials focused on the microbiome. It has an unprecedented influence in the Oncology therapy area. Infectious disease is the top indicator.

Understanding startup activities in not just human health but also across industries such as agriculture, food and beverage is critical to unravel investor enthusiasm

Exponential growth in investment has been seen. 2020 has been a landmark time with investors betting big in companies in agriculture, food, and infectious disease.

To conclude, this report delivers actionable business insights in one impactful, affordable package saving the investment in multiple, costly subscriptions and hours of analysis time.

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