ADCs Upgraded at BOC Sciences: Targeted Drug Delivery for Cancer

On May 23, 2019, the US-based chemical company BOC Sciences announces to upgrade its ADCs product line for cancer research as a targeted drug therapy. In addition to providing top quality ADCs that are GMP manufactured, BOC Sciences also provides custom synthesis service to develop antibody-drug conjugates based on individual needs for all phases of drug development.

ADCs consist of an antibody, a cytotoxic drug, and a linker that attaches the two. Being conjugated, they provide new insight into a broadly applicable method, which could increase the antitumor activity of antibodies and most importantly, improve the tumor-to-normal tissue selectivity of chemotherapy.

“An ideal ADC has a selective monoclonal antibody and a highly potent drug, mixed with properly stable linker (ADC Linker) systems via proper conjugation technologies that preserve the characteristics of the antibody. Theoretically, ADCs could be designed to target just any biological tumor target, as long as it can be reached by internalizing antibodies, “says Mr. Barron Jones, the Marketing Chief of BOC Sciences. “ADC is actually an innovative therapeutic application. Traditionally, monoclonal antibodies are tumor-specific but not very cytotoxic enough, small molecule drugs have good cell killing activity but are too toxic to be used on their own. So scientists decided to optimize the features of both components by linking them together.”

As to the how ADC works, Mr. Barron Jones further explains, “First, the monoclonal antibody are designed to bind to an antigen that is selectively expressed on the surface of a tumor cell. Upon binding, the antibody gets absorbed into the cell via receptormediated endocytosis, and then the antibody is trafficked to and degraded in the lysosome. Through this method, the cytotoxic agent (ADC Cytotoxin) could be directly delivered into the targeted cancer cell.”

However, in clinical trials, there are still many challenges facing ADCs. In brief, the choice of the cytotoxin and the exact nature of the connection to the antibody are critical for the success of this method. Moreover, the appropriate mAb format is best to be selected to tune ADC tumor uptake and take other factors into consideration, such as blood clearance properties, linker stability and drug release.

With more than ten years of experience in the fields of organic synthesis and binding assays, BOC Sciences now is capable of conducting antibody drug conjugate services, accommodated to different needs and for different drug development purpose. For more information about BOC Sciences’ ADCs products or antibody drug conjugate service, please visit:

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