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EvoGenix Limited 

343 Royal Parade

Melbourne  Victoria  3052  Australia
Phone: 61-0-3-9662-7322 Fax: 61-0-3-9662-7166

EvoGenix has rapidly established itself as a global player in the antibody sector creating a powerful proprietary technology platform and industry expertise in the identification and development of antibody-based drugs.

Following its acquisition of California-based biotechnology company Absalus Incorporated in 2005 EvoGenix now offers a fully integrated approach to creating novel antibody products, rapidly converting a non-human antibody to a potent fully humanized product suitable for administration to patients.

In August 2005 EvoGenix completed a capital raising and listing of its shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:EGX) with a current market cap in excess of AU$100M.

The EvoGenix business strategy works by applying its technology platform in both:

  • R&D collaborations with other companies to assist them in the development of improved protein and antibody therapeutics, and

  • Developing an internal pipeline of antibody products.

    EvoGenix continues to focus technology and business development capabilities at its Melbourne site with US-based EvoGenix Incorporated responsible for the identification and assessment of novel product opportunities.

    EvoGenix current pipeline of therapeutic products include those for the treatment of bone disease (EGX-010), melanoma/lung cancer (EGX-150), infectious disease (EGX-220), solid cancers (EGX-160) and acute leukemia (EGX-140).

    The EvoGenix technology platform consists of the following components:

    Superhumanization™ represents an entirely novel method for converting a non-human antibody, which would elicit an immune reaction if administered to humans, into a "humanized" form, which can be administered safely to patients over an extended time frame. In conventional humanization the starting antibody is matched on the basis of sequence homology to a human framework. In Superhumanization™ the frameworks are chosen on the basis of matched canonical structure, resulting in products that are less immunogenic, yet retain most properties of the starting antibody.

    EvoGene™ offers a truly unique approach to the fine tuning and optimization of protein products. By seamlessly linking a highly effective RNA-based mutagenesis approach to an efficient ribosome display procedure EvoGene™ enables the selection of highly optimized variants from very high diversity libraries of mutants whilst requiring a fraction of the resources of competitive approaches such as saturation mutagenesis. It is not only more efficient, but also more effective for protein fine-tuning when compared with technologies such as gene shuffling, since changes to the targeted protein are minimized and can readily be restricted to those contributing directly to the improvement in properties. EvoGeneTM can be applied to the test tube evolution of any protein product - providing novel products with greater activity, potency, specificity, stability or expression.


    EvoGenix currently has collaborative research and commercialization agreements with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), CSL Limited and Vegenics Limited.
    Under the multi-project GSK agreement EvoGenix undertook to improve the GSK protein-based products using the EvoGeneTM technology. EvoGenix reported March 2007 the success of the initial project, exceeding the success-based milestone of 20-fold improvement.

    Last Updated: 04-10-07

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    Web Site: EvoGenix Limited
    Symbol: EGX.AX

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