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Wacker Biochem Corporation 

3301 Sutton Road

Adrian  Michigan  49221-9397  U.S.A.
Phone: 800-793-7023 Fax: 517-264-8795

Wacker Biochem Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of WACKER, belongs to the division WACKER SPECIALTIES, produces and commercially markets cyclodextrins, and amino acids based on cysteine. Application laboratories located in Adrian, MI and Burghausen, Germany are able to support you in your product or process development.

WACKER began biotechnology research 20 years ago in the Consortium fuer elektrochemische Industrie in Munich, Germany. The cyclodextrin products were the first products to be commercialized from this research. In 1999 a plant built in Eddyville IA started production of cyclodextrins using the patented proprietary enzymes and processes developed in Germany. An annual capacity of 3000 metric tons, this is the only plant in the world capable of producing all three parent or natural cyclodextrins in large volume.

Cyclodextrins are ring shaped sugar molecules, which are obtained enzymatically from starch. This novel cyclic structure enables cyclodextrins to form host:guest or inclusion complexes with other organic molecules; stabilizing, solubilising or masking the properties of the guest molecule. They are widely used in household products, cosmetics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and more recently foods.

More recently, WACKER has developed an innovative and patented process to produce Cysteine by fermentation. This is the first process that uses raw materials from renewable, non-human or non-animal sources. Cysteine is widely used in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Using different raw materials in this flexible process leads to the production of unnatural amino acids, which can be used as building blocks in the synthesis of pharmaceutical or agrochemical actives.

Last Updated: 08-30-02

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Ownership: Private

Web Site: Wacker Biochem Corporation
Employees: 50


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