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Osmic, Inc. 

1900 Taylor Road

Auburn Hills  Michigan  48326  U.S.A.
Phone: 800-366-1299 Fax: 248-232-6500

Osmic, headquartered in Michigan since 1985, develops and manufactures precision x-ray optics and related instruments for life sciences, semiconductor and materials analysis markets.

Osmic created the industry standard for optics used in single-crystal diffraction (SCD) in proteomics and structural biology. SCD is a technique enabling scientists to develop advanced medicine through improved understanding of protein structures found in human cells, viruses and pharmaceuticals.

Nuclear medicine will benefit from Osmic's proprietary gamma lens systems. These lenses facilitate routine functional imaging with resolution down to 1mm, an improvement of more than 4 times over the best research grade imaging systems available today. Osmic's lenses can also be used for pinpoint irradiation of tumors and other cells in radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

Critical analytical techniques used for the fabrication of new semiconductor devices also utilize Osmic optics to achieve higher efficiencies. Osmic is developing thin-film deposition technologies for the production of mask blank and optic coatings for emerging Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) and Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) microlithography. Osmic's nanoscale multilayer coatings are the basis of advanced lithography masks used for both the current and next generation lithography. These high-quality mask blanks allow printing of the smaller features necessary for manufacture of the most advanced semiconductor devices.

For nearly two decades, Osmic's optics have been key components of instrumentation used for elemental and structural analysis of materials, pharmaceuticals, and biological specimens. With its business partner, x-ray instrument maker Rigaku, Osmic continues to advance the state of the art in analytical x-ray instruments.

Last Updated: 08-14-02

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