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Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. 

7015 Albert Einstein Drive

Columbia  Maryland  21046  U.S.A.
Phone: 443-545-1800 Fax: 443-545-1701

Founded in 1992, Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. is the leader in adult stem cell therapy for tissue regeneration, using its proprietary mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) and universal MSC technologies. These "off-the-shelf" MSCs are isolated from bone marrow of unrelated donors and used in recipients without immune suppression, representing a viable business strategy for the commercialization of stem cell therapies. The Company's current focus includes the use of universal MSCs for bone marrow transplantation support in hematological malignancies, cardiac repair after acute myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure, and regeneration of meniscus post-meniscectomy following knee injury.

The Company's core assets include:
  • our MSC "superplatform" technology applicable to a multitude of potential indications via a single manufacturing process:
  • 37 issued U.S. patents, including the composition of matter patent for MSCs, allowed in the U.S. and EU plus over 150 additional patents pending worldwide:
  • a closed manufacturing system, which proves efficient from a regulatory, cost, space and reproducibility (regardless of indication) perspective:
  • a new, seasoned management team: and
  • an unrelenting product focus.

    Osiris' competitive advantages include:
  • its clear leadership in stem cell therapy as represented by development progress, first-to-clinic status and intellectual property portfolio:
  • universal MSC donor technology with its "off-the-shelf", cryopreserved products, ready for acute or chronic use, relegating potential autologous or allogeneic-matched cell therapies non-competitive relative to efficiency, use and costs: and
  • the lack of real or perceived issues which surround embryonic stem cells including uncontrolled cell growth and differentiation and political and/or ethical controversies.

    The Company is vertically integrated through research, development, manufacturing, QA/QC, regulatory, pre-clinical and clinical development. These operations are located in a single facility on the north shore of the harbor in downtown Baltimore with access to 118,000 square feet. Due to manufacturing efficiencies, this should provide adequate space for the next five years or more. Osiris currently employs approximately 80 people, including 20 MD/PhDs.

    Last Updated: 05-09-03

    Key Statistics

    Ownership: Public

    Web Site: Osiris
    Employees: 80
    Symbol: OSIR

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