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Asterand plc 

TechOne Suite 501
440 Burroughs
Detroit  Michigan  48202-3420  U.S.A.
Phone: 313-263-0960 Fax: 313-263-0961

Asterand is a leading supplier of high quality human tissue and tissue-based services. Our comprehensive approach to human tissue and research services offers pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic companies the unique opportunity to have one Company meet all of their human biomaterial needs along the continuum of drug discovery and development. Our mission is to accelerate target discovery and compound validation and enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to take safer and more effective drugs into the market.

Asterand offers unparalleled access to human tissue through an extensive worldwide network of active donor institutions, each of which we collaborate with very closely. Our XpressBANK™ biobank contains several hundred thousand specimens from the broadest range of therapeutic areas and with the most diverse ethnic representation. Our tissues provide high value to our clients; the quantity of material provided for each sample allows scientists to conduct multiple experiments using a single specimen. In addition, our renowned quality assurance procedures provide stringent controls on specimen collection and characterization and on the corresponding clinical data. As part of this process, we also independently confirm pathology and assess RNA integrity of our tissues.

Through our ProCURE™ service, human tissues and clinical data can also be custom collected to meet special requirements. This includes the collection of follow-up data related to patient outcome.

With more than 10 years of experience providing top multinational pharmaceutical companies with human tissue-based services, Asterand’s services division offers exemplary scientific expertise in human tissue research. Through our PhaseZERO® drug discovery services platform, we provide a collaborative scientific approach to deliver human tissue-based data on target and biomarker validation as well as compound potency, efficacy, disposition and safety. Our studies can be custom designed and are conducted on a fee-for-service basis, allowing our clients to own and retain all resulting IP and data.

As a member of the UK GLP Compliance Monitoring Program, Asterand's Molecular Pathology team provides customers with a fully optimized immunohistochemical analysis of Human Tissue Cross-Reactivity. A key factor in the success of these studies is the access to well characterized and annotated tissue. Asterand's extensive human tissue biorepository human tissue biorepository and supporting tissue supply network allows immediate access to high quality human tissues representing all tissue types required by both the FDA (US) and EMEA (EU) for analysis of tissue cross-reactivity. Our scientific expertise, experience in immunohistochemistry and access to high quality tissues enable us to efficiently deliver reliable tissue cross-reactivity data.

Through its acquisition of BioSeek, Asterand offers its unique BioMAP® system which takes a systems biology approach to improve decision making at key steps in the drug discovery and development process, from target discovery to clinical trials. The BioMAP® platform involves integrated, complex human cell systems designed to predict clinical activities of a potential drug candidate at the earliest stages of development. Most human cell lines used in preclinical testing are unable to provide truly predictive information since they lack the natural regulatory activity inherent in humans. By using primary cells directly isolated from the human body, we are able to engineer human disease models that incorporate multiple cell types and multiple pathways that are turned on in combination in human disease settings.

Through this combination of an extensive tissue supply network and a proven track record in delivering research services, Asterand is uniquely positioned to provide a complete solution for human tissue research needs.

Key Statistics

Ownership: Public

Web Site: Asterand plc
Employees: 104
Symbol: ATD.L


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