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Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Research Program 

55 Fruit Street - TRH 2

Boston  Massachusetts  02114  U.S.A.
Phone: 617-726-5500 Fax: 617-726-5501

The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Clinical Research Program (CRP) was established in 1995 to improve the environment for clinical investigation at the MGH through academic enrichment programs and direct support services, thereby, creating a culture in which all forms of clinical research can flourish. Its mandate is to enhance translational (bench to bedside) research, train clinical investigators, increase clinical trial activity, support outcomes and disease management, and coordinate the MGH's efforts with those of Partners HealthCare System and Harvard Medical School.

To support clinical investigation, the CRP has been organized into five broad service categories that facilitate the performance of high quality clinical research:

The Clinical Research Support Office (CRSO) serves as the "front door" to the CRP for investigators seeking to develop a clinical research career.

The Outcomes and Disease Management Unit provides a network which links the MGH community, outlying hospitals, other academic centers, and primary and specialty care practices for clinical trial purposes.

The Clinical Trials and Industrial Relations Unit serves as an interface between clinical investigators and sponsors of clinical trials and outcomes research.

The Information Management Unit acquires, develops and supports the information technology needed to promote clinical research at MGH.

The Clinical Research Education Unit strives to improve the quality and increase the quantity of clinical research by educating current and future investigators and by training clinical research coordinators.

Collectively, these five units create the infrastructure necessary to support clinical research on an institutional-wide basis. By fostering academic collaborations, effecting communication with industrial sponsors and promoting a focused and streamlined administrative process, the CRP is building a responsive culture conducive to clinical investigation.

MGH's investment in leveraging clinical research complements the strengths of its basic science laboratories. Success in this initiative will result in an increase in funded clinical research and a "user Friendly" reputation with industry. It not only provides visible evidence of a commitment to develop innovative treatments, but also strengthens MGH's appeal to patients in a competitive managed care environment. Finally, it trains the personnel necessary to fulfill the implicit MGH social contract to translate basic research into improved patient care, thereby alleviating human sickness and suffering.

For more information about CRP services, please contact Chris Colecchi, director of Clinical Trials and Industrial Relations at 617.726.5518 or

Last Updated 8-28-01

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Web Site: Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Research Program


Genetic Therapy, Inc. 

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