Vyaire Medical

100 S Saunders Road, Unit 150
Lake Forest
United States

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Vyaire Medical is the world's largest pure-play "breathing company," supporting and improving the lives of patients with a laser-focus on improving patient outcomes and increasing value for customers. The company was formed in October 2016 as an $800 million "startup" with a 65-year track record of pioneering, innovating, and advancing respiratory diagnostics, ventilation, and anesthesia delivery & patient monitoring. From industry-pioneering brands like Bird, Bear, and Jaeger to respected industry leaders like AirLife,® Vital Signs,® Viasys, and many others Vyaire Medical has nearly 20,000 distinct part numbers recognized, trusted and preferred by specialists in the respiratory therapy and anesthesiology healthcare markets worldwide. Vyaire Medical has more than 5,000 employees around the world, all focused on a shared purpose of closely collaborating with healthcare providers and institutions to deliver world-class products, support, and services that contribute to the overall health and wellness of society.
October 2016
CEO: Dave Mowry
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