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About Boehringer Ingelheim Fremont Inc.

Boehringer Ingelheim Fremont Inc. is part of Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™, a leading biopharmaceutical contract manufacturer. As mammalian cell culture center in the heart of Silicon Valley more than 500 scientist and specialists are committed to research, development and manufacturing to make high quality medicines for patients. 
Our modern facility offers high flexibility with stainless steel and single-use bioreactors for fed-batch and fully continuous manufacturing. With the complete range of services, from cell line and strain development including high expression systems through process development and large-scale manufacturing to Fill & Finish we help our customers to turn innovative biologic ideas into commercial reality. 
Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ has over 35 years of biotechnology experience, more than 3,600 dedicated and highly trained employees. With our global network we have helped customers to bring more than 30 molecules to the market. Our network of facilities spans the globe, from Fremont, California in the United States to Biberach in Germany, Vienna in Austria and Shanghai in China for manufacturing in mammalian cell culture and microorganisms. 
We are one integrated global team with one shared passion: Your product.


Biopharmaceuticals - Competence and Experience for Medicines of the Future
Over 35 years ago, Boehringer Ingelheim started developing and producing biopharmaceuticals as one of the first companies worldwide. Biopharmaceuticals are produced by using either mammalian cell cultures or microorganisms such as bacteria or yeast.

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