Cryopreservation Equipment Market | Considerable Rise in the Healthcare Spending to Widen Scope of Growth of the Market

Cryopreservation refers to the procedure of keeping tissues, cells, and various other biological samples alive through deep freezing procedure at subzero temperature for the purpose of preservation or storage. The sample is usually stored at a temperature of −196°C. Widening scope of application of this procedure is likely to foster growth of the global cryopreservation equipment market in the years to come. All the biological activities of various biological samples ceases at such low temperatures and those samples die. Cryopreservation assists in the survival of cells through thawing and freezing. Cell membrane is broken by the formation of ice inside the cells and this can be avoided through regulation of rate of freezing making a choice of freezing medium very carefully. Rapid advancements in technologies and increasing healthcare expenditure have also been identified as the key factors likely to influence the trajectory of the global cryopreservation equipment market. The rising interest in bioengineered products for dealing with the various issues of the human body have also resulted in the soaring revenues for the global cryopreservation equipment market.

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The rising number of initiatives by the government to increase awareness about stem cells preservation has come up as a trend in the market across the globe. If equipment manufacturers are able to overcome the challenge of complex operations and very high cost, the consumer base for the global cryopreservation equipment market is anticipated to rise. On the downside, the global cryopreservation equipment market is likely to be hampered by the lack of skilled personnel to handle the equipment. The slightest slip in handling can lead to severe injuries, which is discouraging many to take up careers in this field. Furthermore, market is also likely to be hampered by the use of salts that can prove to be extremely toxic.

With the widening base of customers, the companies are anticipated to make increased investment so as to come up with product innovation and make an offering of better and diverse choice of products. This factor is likely to emerge as a growth factor for the global cryopreservation equipment market in the years to come. The role of a cryopreservative is to protect the cell from both physical and mechanical stresses and also to reduce water content in the cells, thereby decreasing the creation of cell-lysing ice crystals. The optimum cell density required to freeze per 1 ml of cell suspension is dependent on the type of the cell to be preserved. For instance, mammalian cells are frozen at a concentration between 1x106 cells/ml and 1x107 cells/ml. The cryopreservation process is facilitated by the use of various cryopreservation equipment such as sample preparation, storage systems, and ultra-low freezers.

The equipment in the global cryopreservation equipment market can be segmented into freezers, storage systems, sample preparation systems, and accessories. Regulatory and approval policies are the core governing factors of the market currently.

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Wide scope of application of cryopreservation equipment is together with rapid technological progress is likely augur well for the market. In addition to that, a rise in the healthcare-related expenditure is likely to shoot up demand for cryopreservation equipment in the forthcoming years. A rising interest in the development of bioengineered products for the purpose of handling different issues of human body is estimated to pave way for rapid growth of the global cryopreservation equipment market in the years to come.

Key Players Analysis:

Praxair Technology, Inc., Advanced Cell Technology, Inc., Angioblast Systems, Inc., Boehringer Ingelheim, Gmbh, Cryologic Pty. Ltd., Custom Biogenic Systems, Haimen United Laboratory Equipment Development Co., Ltd., Genzyme Corp., Cell Therapeutics, Inc.

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