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Project Hired 

1270 Franklin Mall

Santa Clara  California  95050  U.S.A.
Phone: 408-557-0880 Fax: 408-557-0710

Project HIRED's mission is to "meet the hiring needs of employers and the employment needs of people with disabilities." Our clients represent a diverse spectrum of disability types, levels of severity, and visibility - from people who are paraplegic to those with "hidden" disabilities or chronic illness. They come with skill sets ranging from basic janitorial skills to software engineering.

Founded in 1978, we have successfully assisted individuals with disabilities to secure jobs appropriate to their qualifications and career goals for over 20 years.
Through reciprocal relationships with industry, Project HIRED develops and maintains a range of services to the community, which includes outreach, employment training, job placement, education of employers and advocacy.

We work in close collaboration with the business community and have developed a very exciting and successful array of services:

  • Mentor Program
  • Corporate Training Partners Program
  • HIRED Temps - temporary placement
  • HIRED Direct - direct placement
  • The Resource Center, 4 PCs with DSL connection
  • Computer lab with Unix, Windows 2000 Server, Oracle, Solaris/Sun Sparcstation

    Project HIRED's vision is to be a significant force for employment of individuals with disabilities. Project HIRED receives its funding from federal grants, corporate and individual donations, and earned income through HIRED Temps and HIRED Teams.

    Last Updated: 03-25-05

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    Ownership: Private

    Web Site: Project Hired

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