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SubTerra L.L.C. 

P.O. Box 55
104 Wilcox Road
White Pine  Michigan  49971  U.S.A.
Phone: 906-885-5953 Fax: 906-885-5954

SubTerra is an emerging biotechnology company in White Pine, Michigan focusing on the production and refinement of plant-based therapeutic proteins.

SubTerra operates out of the former White Pine copper mine, which provides in excess of 20 acres of underground space for the development of a biosecure growth chamber. SubTerra also owns a 35,000 ft2 building located at the entrance of the mine.

The Company targets biopharmaceutical markets, which require the ability to produce large quantities of pharmaceutically active plant material at an accelerated rate. The growth chamber in the mine provides:

  • Biosecurity - Stream-lined permitting due to the isolation and control of the environment.
  • Isolation - The facility offers excellent reproductive isolation.
  • Security - The physical containment offered by the growth chamber provides security for industrial and intellectual property.
  • Pest Free - The absence of insects, birds or other pests prevents the possibility of pollen or seed escape.
  • Pathogen Free - Similarly the plant disease and/or pathogens generally carried by insects, birds or other pests do not have an opportunity to infect the plants.

In addition to producing transgenic plants, SubTerra provides semi-processing of plant material to provide its customers with a semi-finished product and an environmentally friendly product for transportation. Services provided are:

  • Seed crushing and oil recovery
  • Fine milling of plant material
  • Protein extraction and purification
  • Solvent extraction of plant material for proteins and nonproteinous compounds

For more information about SubTerra and services we provide, visit our website or e-mail us at

Last Updated: 08-08-02

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Ownership: Private

Web Site: SubTerra L.L.C.


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