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Hypnion, Inc. 

500 Patriot Way

Lexington  Massachusetts  02421  U.S.A.
Phone: 781-778-0300 Fax: 781- 778-0303

Hypnion, Inc. is a recently founded, privately-held, biotechnology discovery company whose objective is to become the worldwide leader in sleep/wake neurobiology with the ultimate goal of understanding and being able to treat a wide range of sleep-wake disorders (e.g., insomnia, sleep apnea, excessive sleepiness, sleep-related dystonias) and circadian rhythm abnormalities (e.g., jet-lag, shift-work disorders, delayed or advanced sleep phase syndrome). The technology platform assembled for this includes the creation and molecular analysis of mouse models, genetic and genomic based target discovery, a high-throughput in vivo sleep-wake & physiological assay system, and the ability to quickly and efficiently screen pre-clinical compounds for sleep-wake effects or side effects. Additionally, this platform can be applied in many additional areas of CNS for corporate alliances.

Key Management:

  • Dale M. Edgar, Ph.D.
  • Karen Moore, Ph.D.
  • James F. White, Ph.D.
    Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Research & Development
  • John F. Dee
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Last Updated: 11-01-04

    Key Statistics

    Ownership: Private

    Web Site: Hypnion, Inc.

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