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Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 

5600 Parkwood Way
Suite 425
Richmond  British Columbia  V6V 2M2  Canada
Phone: 604-279-8511 or 800-315-3660 Fax: 604-279-8711


Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative therapies for the treatment of respiratory and inflammatory diseases. Our core focus is medicinal chemistry based, orally active, small molecules aimed at treating unmet medical needs.

We are passionate about our science creating new medicines. Through scientific and business excellence, we will provide important therapies to transform the lives of patients with respiratory and inflammatory diseases worldwide.

Our most advanced product, IPL512,602, is on track to enter phase IIb clinical studies by Q1'06 for the treatment of persistent asthma. Our second product, IPL455,903 (also known as HT-0712), is scheduled to enter Phase IIa clinical studies by Q1'06. This product is partnered with Helicon Therapeutics, Inc., a New York biotechnology company specializing in learning and memory disorders.

Inflazyme is focused on developing first or best-in-class therapies for large and growing markets. Our portfolio consists of five programs from internal discovery efforts.

We have developed separate, chemically distinct series of leukocyte selective anti-inflammatory drugs (LSAIDsT). The IPL5 and the IPL12 series are the most advanced. Based on demonstrated efficacy in pre-clinical models of inflammation, three products from the IPL5 series have entered clinical studies: IPL512,602 (Ph IIa), IPL550,260 (Ph I) and IPL576,092 (Ph I). They are all considered safe and well tolerated.

IPL512,602 has been tested in 154 healthy volunteers and in 86 asthma patients. The drug is suitable as a once, daily oral therapy for the treatment of persistent asthma. In a Phase IIa study, IPL512,602 demonstrated significant activity against several important markers of asthma control, notably airway hyper-reactivity, reduced need for rescue medication, and improvements in quality of life measures and symptom control. In August 2005, we obtained confirmation from the FDA that patient reported outcomes such as quality of life measures and symptom scores can be used as primary endpoints in Phase III registration studies.

A compound from the IPL12 series is currently in pre-clinical studies for respiratory diseases.

Phosphodiesterase Enzymes
We have developed orally active inhibitors of Phosphodiesterases (PDEs). PDEs are a family of enzymes that metabolize the intracellular messengers cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP. We have designed and synthesized focused libraries of selective PDE4 inhibitors based on a medicinal natural product isolated in-house from a plant native to British Columbia.

IPL455,903 has completed oral, single and multiple dose, double-blinded, placebo controlled Phase I studies in healthy young and elderly subjects. The doses evaluated ranged up to 135mg per subject per day for 14 days. The product was considered safe and well tolerated. Importantly, there was no evidence of nausea and vomiting (also referred to as emesis), a common side effect that, in the past, has inhibited the successful development of this class of drugs.

Our research team is working to identify a new PDE4 inhibitor for respiratory and inflammatory indications based on our active, non-emetic pharmacophore from the IPL455,903 series. The aim is to identify compounds which demonstrate certain advantages over other PDE4 inhibitors.

Last Updated: 11-28-05

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