TearClear Corp.

3946 Stone Canyon Avenue
Los Angeles
United States

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About TearClear Corp.

TearClear Corp. is an early-stage, disruptive eye health technology company focused on developing a safe and reliable means of delivering preservative-free topical ophthalmic drugs from existing preserved, multi-dose systems. Co-founded by the inventor Anuj Chauhan, PhD, Professor & Associate Chair, Chemical Engineering at the University of Florida, the company is developing the unique technology to target the drugs used to treat chronic diseases where BAK is commonly used to assure sterility in multi-dose bottles. TearClear aims to address the global market of ophthalmologic drugs for glaucoma, over-the-counter (OTC) dry eye, and allergic conjunctivitis.
May 2016
Co-Founder: Anuj Chauhan, PhD
Chairman of the Board: Rick Heinick
CEO: Kevin Hershfield
CTO: Richard D’Souza, PhD
Head of Clinical Development: Howard Golub, MD, PhD

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