BioChain Institute, Inc.

39600 Eureka Drive
United States

Tel: 510-783-8588


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About BioChain Institute, Inc.

BioChain, founded in 1994 and headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area, is the world leader in high quality processed bio-sample products and analysis services used in advancing translational medicine, companion diagnostics, and clinical product research and development. BioChain also provides Biospecimens including tissue sections, panels, arrays, as well as gDNA, RNA and protein lysate from our tissue bank. We provide a variety of nucleic acid and protein lysate extraction and analysis kits as well as automated nucleic acid extraction equipment. BioChain can perform custom projects - including tissue procurement, custom nucleic acid or protein extractions. BioChain established a comprehensive quality assurance program to meet our customers' satisfactions as well as maintaining both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications for our in house production facilities.

Our other focus has been in developing and licensing early cancer diagnostics technologies through liquid biopsy. In our US research facility, we developed and successfully launched our liquid biopsy cfPure® cell-free DNA extraction kit and our vamPureTM whole blood DNA extraction kit. BioChain is a One-Stop Service company for all Next Generation Sequencing projects, from clinical sample collection, sample preparation, sequencing to bioinformatics analysis.

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