Jounce Therapeutics

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United States

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NextGen Class of 2015
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About Jounce Therapeutics

Jounce Therapeutics is focused on the discovery and development of novel cancer immunotherapies designed to work not by treating a patient's tumor directly, but instead by harnessing the patient's immune system to seek out and attack cancerous cells and tumors.

This transformational approach has the potential to drive significantly more durable responses to treatment, extending and improving patients’ quality of life.

Jounce is building upon the unparalleled expertise of its renowned scientific founders – world leaders in the fields of immunology, cancer biology and clinical and translational medicine in cancer – and its increasing understanding of how cancer cells communicate and interact with the immune system to position the company at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy drug discovery and development.

Based in Cambridge, Mass., Jounce is a private company launched in 2013 with $47 million in Series A venture capital financing by Third Rock Ventures.

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