Editas Medicine

11 Hurley Street
United States

Tel: 617 401 9000

Email: info@editasmed.com

NextGen Class of 2015
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About Editas Medicine

What if you could repair broken genes? That is the question we ask ourselves every day at Editas Medicine. We’re a leading genome editing company focused on translating the power and promise of our proprietary genome editing systems into medicines to help transform the lives of people with genetically-defined diseases. Our goal is to discover, develop, manufacture, and commercialize transformative medicines for a range of serious diseases, including eye diseases, blood diseases, and cancer.

We are a vibrant company full of hope, possibilities, and a belief that, working together as One Editas, we can truly revolutionize the development of medicines. We are on an important journey to unlock the full potential of genome editing technology. A journey fueled by our distinct culture, expert team of Editas Medicine ‘Editors’, and the patients we aspire to help around the world. Connect with us to hear about the tremendous progress and scientific advancements we’ve already made and the next breakthrough on the horizon. If you are ingenious, passionate and resilient, come join the revolution. Repairing broken genes is only the beginning.

Stock Symbol: EDIT

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

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