Terray Therapeutics

129 N. Hill, Suite 103
United States

Email: info@terraytx.com

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About Terray Therapeutics

Chemistry is the key to drug discovery, but chemical data is stuck in the twentieth century. We’re generating precise chemical datasets purpose-built to propel drug discovery into the information age — and we’re doing it on a larger scale and faster than has ever before been possible. Terray Therapeutics is a biotechnology company led by pioneers and long-time leaders in artificial intelligence, synthetic (medicinal) chemistry, biology and preclinical development, automation, and nanotechnology. Chemical datasets generated using our novel ultra-dense microarray technology work seamlessly with our integrated machine learning and computational platform to systematically map biochemical interactions between small molecules and causes of disease. Iterative cycles of virtual molecular design and experimentation power AI and machine learning models, which in turn guide the next cycle of design. With a chemistry engine that measures billions of interactions daily and becomes increasingly precise with every cycle, we can answer an unprecedented array of questions — deriving insights that enable us to predictably create drugs for patients in need.

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