Werewolf Therapeutics

200 Talcott Avenue
United States

Tel: 617-952-0555

Email: jobs@werewolftx.com

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About Werewolf Therapeutics

Werewolf Therapeutics, Inc. is an oncology biotherapeutics company unleashing the power of proinflammatory immune modulators to develop next-generation, transformative cancer therapeutics. The company is advancing a pipeline of treatments designed to focus the body’s immune response to selectively target cancer.
Under precise conditions, Werewolf’s technology allows it to zero in on tumors using validated mechanisms that are known cancer killers, while preventing unwanted side effects on non-target tissues – ultimately delivering a more clinically meaningful impact for patients.
Werewolf’s proprietary PREDATOR™ protein engineering platform combines a variety of approaches to actively silence the drug while in systemic circulation, optimize its pharmacokinetic profile, and rapidly and efficiently transform into the fully active state upon reaching the tumor microenvironment for maximum therapeutic potential.
Werewolf is creating a new era of tumor-selective, systemically delivered drugs with the potential to deliver more effective, less toxic treatments for people with cancer, with the goal of vastly improving their lives.

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