Eikon Therapeutics

Eikon is a pioneering drug discovery and development company that leverages superior engineering and high-performance computing to analyze single molecule protein behavior in living cells. We are engineering a battery of innovative tools and technologies for biological exploration in drug discovery and beyond.

Eikon thrives on the energy and creativity of interdisciplinary teams. We are physicists and chemists, biologists and engineers. We spend our days context-switching between multiple scientific languages. We work with lasers, super-resolution microscopes, and robot arms. We leverage machine learning, cell line engineering, and the collective intelligence of world-class scientists and technologists to observe therapeutically relevant biology in a way no one has before.

We’re endlessly curious, intellectually honest and we love what we do. We’re driven to learn the true mechanisms of biology and pharmacology at the molecular level, to make the biggest difference in as many lives as possible.

  • NextGen Class of 2022
  • 2024 Best Places to Work
3929 Point Eden Way
Hayward, CA 94545
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