TAE Life Sciences

19641 Da Vinci
Foothill Ranch
United States

Tel: 949-830-2117

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About TAE Life Sciences

TAE Life Sciences, located in Foothills Ranch, California, with research laboratories in Santa Monica, has developed breakthrough technology that will enhance current Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) and one day provide a treatment option for patients with malignancies that are difficult to treat through traditional methods. Our proprietary accelerator-based BNCT platform combines two well-known modalities - biological targeting and radiation therapy - for precision treatment of tumors at the cellular level. TAE Life Sciences is ready to bring this promising, previously inaccessible, treatment to hospital settings.

Benefits of TAE Life Sciences biologically targeted BNCT; Tumor cells absorb a safe, boron-based vector drug that, when combined with neutrons, reacts to preferentially kill those cells while limiting damage to healthy cells. Our proprietary accelerator-based neutron beam can be tuned to patient-specific needs, delivering the lowest level of radiation with the greatest therapeutic impact.




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